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10 accessories every girl must have.


10 accessories every girl must have.

Fashion comes with infinite possibilities, countless combinations, numerous outfit ideas and thousands of techniques!
If you’re a fashionista and every time you feel that something is missing from your outfit, then it is nothing but an accessory!
Accessory complements the outfit and makes you look more stylist and classy. All you need is to have a good collection of accessories that you can easily pair up with suitable outfits.

Read here the list of 10 accessories you must have in your wardrobe:

1. Basic necklace, simple yet significant.

These cute and tiny necklaces can add glamour to your basic outfits. You can wear such necklace with tee and jeans on your regular college or office days. They can match with everything you wear; from tees to formal shirts.
Little to see but it looks significant on normal days.
So, find yourself at least one such necklace.

2. Statement necklace

If you want your outfit to speak loud, then statement necklace is a must. It can make you party ready even in basic outfit. They go well with ethnics and denims as they add a pretty touch to them.
Go for floral statement necklace, as they are quite in these days!

3. Earrings- Simple and Big.

Both simple and big earrings should find a place in your wardrobe as they are equally necessary. While small looks subtle on regular days, bigger ones speak in volumes on occasions.
The stones in earrings also add a glow to your face and make it look more charming.

4. Watch

Doesn’t matter if you check your phone for time, you cannot skip wearing a watch as Wrist with a watch look sophisticated and elegant.
You must own a belt watch or metal watch to keep your fashion statement high.

5. Bunch of bracelets
“Watch stacked with bracelets” is one of the most trending style hacks. It looks so beautiful and attractive.
Bracelets can also be worn without a watch. You can style them as you want to add colour or glitter to your outfit.

6. Rings- Minimalist designed, stone studded rings and big statement rings.

Hands with rings on the fingers look stunningly beautiful. It makes an impression when you hold a cup of coffee or write.
Rings come in varieties and minimalist designed, stone studded and big statement, are the top 3 choices of stylists these days.

7. Choker

Chokers go best with off shoulder dresses or tops as they define your neck.
You can either choose to wear a black choker or a matching choker with your dress. If you haven’t tried choker look yet, do give it a try.

8. Heels

Every girl’s wardrobe is incomplete without heels. They are an important part of our lives, in fact we cannot imagine attending a party without heels. A symbol of fashion, heels enhance the personality and body style.
Ankle strap heels, boots and stilettos are three kinds of heels you must have.

9. Belts- Leather and Corsets.

Corsets are the most trending belt these days as they define your body shape and make you look slimmer.
Leather belts go well with dresses and basic outfits.

  1. Handbags.

Any outfit is incomplete without a bag. They come in every size. From clutches to sling bags you can choose from a variety of bags.
While purchasing a bag/purse, keep in mind that it should not be too heavy. Go for weightless bags as you can stuff them and still carry them with an ease.

Besides these materialistic accessories, always know that smile is the best accessory a girl can wear! So, don’t forget to put on your smile with any of these accessories.



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