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10 Easy Hacks to Make Your Dirty Hair Look Amazingly Gorgeous

10 easy hacks to make your dirty hair look amazingly gorgeous


10 Easy Hacks to Make Your Dirty Hair Look Amazingly Gorgeous

Having dirty hair imposes a restriction on going outside as dirty hair makes you look sick, dull and unexciting.

Now, what if you are in a hurry and you have no time to wash your hair? Does that mean you should cancel your plan and stay at home? No. You Don’t Have to!

Here are the 10 Easiest Hacks for You that will make You shine even with Dirty Hair!


1. Make a braid

Braid is the quickest way to escape dirty hair. Simple and easy to do and it looks elegant too. For a funky look, you can use a neon-colored hairband or you can also fix a pair of hairpins around it.


2. Not in a mood to flaunt your hair? Tie them

A high-bun is too stylish and a super-easy hack for dirty hair. It goes well with western dresses too. You can also try a messy bun to give it a casual look.

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3. Baby powder could be your day saver

Apply some baby powder on your scalp and leave it for a while. It will take away the foul smell of your hair and will give a voluminous look to your greasy hair!


4. Turn your partition, the other side

When you flip your hair to the other side, it works like a natural blow-dry. It will also give you a new look.


5. Put on a headband

Usually, dirty hair looks ugly on the front end. So, all you need to is to hide that sticky scalp. Wondering how? Just put on a headband, a cute one, and you’re ready to go.


6. Wash just the bangs

It takes less time and gives you a fresh look. Quickly, just wash your bangs or fringes and leave them to dry meanwhile you dress yourself up.


7. Add some extensions

Extensions are easy to find in the market these days. Get some colorful extensions and attach them suitably. It will give a funky look in few minutes.

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8. Tease your hair

It adds volume and makes your hair look bouncy. Just grab a section of your hair, tease them with a comb, apply a spray and set your hair evenly.


9. Try front-braided hairstyle

It looks gorgeous. There are different ways of doing it, with a side partition or covering the entire crown section or just the middle part. You can check out some easy tutorials on YouTube.


10. Use a hair setting spray

Spray can help you style your hair at home, giving a salon-like look. Pick up any spray, apply it on the desired section and crunch your hair. It will add a wavy look to your hair. Beach waves hairspray by L’Oréal Professionnel is one such tool.


Hope you liked these simple and easy hair hacks. Also, share your hacks in the comment section below and feel free to give your valuable feedback too!



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