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10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

10 Easy Ways to get rid of Menstrual Cramps


10 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps

Every girl or woman has once or frequently suffer the exhaustible pain of period cramps or menstrual cramps. These menstrual cramps begin 1-2 days before the period cycle and sometimes last until the fifth or seventh day.

In simple layman language, they are uninvited or uncalled for and are almost unbearable for most of the Women.
But as every problem comes with a solution, so does menstrual cramps.

Before we explain the top 10 easy ways of curbing menstrual cramps, lets us get a brief insight into what period cramps are and why do they cause so much pain.


What are Menstrual Cramps?

During menstruation, the uterus contracts as it gets rid of the lining — and that is the blood that excretes during the cycle. These contractions cause the cramping pains.

Other conditions, such as endometriosis and adenomyosis, can also trigger period cramps. These cramps are mild for some women but are acute and severe for others.

Sometimes The intensity of period cramps can be so much that women need to go for a painkiller to get rid of the pain.

Methods to get rid of Menstrual Cramps


1. Eat a Banana to get rid of the menstrual pain

Potassium helps in getting rid of period cramps and banana is a rich source of potassium. Cramps can occur due to potassium deficiency making bananas helpful. Banana also contains Vitamin K which is helpful in regulating the menstrual pain.


2. Perform yoga

The usual myth that a woman should not do any physical exercise during her periodic cycle is nothing but just a myth.
A study has proven that doing yoga regularly helps in reducing the pain to a great extent as it stretches and relaxes the body muscles that reduces the pain.


3. Drink Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon is well known for its anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties making it an excellent choice to ease the cramp pain. Make a Delicious Cinnamon Tea and enjoy your day.


4. Apply Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera Gel, when applied to the affected area, can reduce the pressure on the uterus and also regulate the menstrual flow. This reduces the intensity of menstrual cramps to a huge extent.


5. Almonds help in reducing the pain

Several women have stated through their own experiences that eating almond has helped in reducing the menstrual cramps as almond is a rich source of Vitamin K. It not only reduces the pain but also provides energy and thus, reduces the level of tiredness and fatigue during the period cycle.


6. Drink herbal tea

Consumption of herbal teas, especially the Ginger and Holy Basil tea, during menstrual cramps reduces the pain. Ginger helps in alleviating the pain while Basil helps in keeping your mind and soul calm


7. Avoid too much caffeine

During the menstrual cycle, a woman should try and avoid caffeinated products as much as possible as it increases the symptoms of breast tenderness, fatigue, and menstrual cramps.


8. Heat Treatment

It is a known fact that applying hot water bottles at the affected area helps in reducing the pain to a great extent. Doctors also prescribe this method. If the pain is unbearable, you can always consult your Gynocologist and take some pain medication.


9. Exercise Daily to regulate the cycle

If you are not a Yoga fan, going to the gym or doing normal regular exercise is also very helpful. Exercising regularly keeps your body active and fit at the same time makes your muscles flexible which proves to be very helpful in suppressing the cramp pain


10. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can worsen the pain and symptoms associated with Menstrual cramp. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily help in reducing the period pain and keeps the body at ease.


So now you know what you need to do to ease your next Period cramp. What do you do to avoid the pain or to get rid of it? Do share your Tips and thoughts in the Comment section.



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