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10 hair care tips to maintain healthy hair


10 hair care tips to maintain healthy hair

Perfect hairs require efforts, extra care and healthy diet! The more you give attention to them, the more will they prosper. Your negligence towards them can ruin their quality and quantity both.
We may not realize but we do commit some mistakes in our daily lives that causes hair fall, like not washing them properly or being too harsh while combing.
To avoid such mistakes, you must know the right method to handle your hair.

Let’s look at the 10 right ways to take care of your hair:

1. Don’t use heating tools too much.
Refrain yourself from using hair dryer, curler or straighter as much as you can. They look fancy outside but they cause harm inside. The heat generated from the machines directly affects the quality of your hair.
To dry your hair, stand in front of a fan and let it dry naturally. This way, you can avoid using hair dryer. Trust me, air drying is the healthiest way to dry your hair. It does consume time but at least is not harmful to your hair.

2. Never tie your hair too tight.
Tying hair too tight in a ponytail or a bun means pulling hair root with much force and putting a stress on hair follicles.
As follicles get weaker due to stress, it results into hair breakage and sometimes, it causes marginal baldness.
Be gentle while tying your hair. Not too tight and not too loose.

3. Handle wet hair with extreme care.
When hairs are wet, they are more sensitive and hence, prone to breakage. To comb them, pick a wide toothed comb and start from the mid of your hair length and run it to the end. Then, comb from roots of the hair to the ends. This way you can detangle your hair with much ease without causing any damage.

4. Use the right quantity of shampoo.
Everything in excess is harmful. When you wash your hair, take a coin sized amount of shampoo on your palm and rub it gently on your scalp. This quantity is enough for hair with normal length. If your hairs are too long, you can add a little more.
You can also dilute your shampoo with some amount of water, it helps to create foam easily.
Also, wash your hair twice a week only. Over washing leads to damage.

5. Don’t skip conditioner.
Conditioner helps to restore the moisture of hair and provides hydration to your hair. It also makes your hair look glossy and more manageable.
If you have dry hair, you must not skip conditioner. It helps to detangle your hair and prevents hair fall.

6. Use mild shampoos.
Stay away from shampoos that contain sulphates or parabens. They disturb your scalp and destroy your hair.
Choose the right shampoo according to your hair type. People with coloured or treated hair need shampoo with hard chemicals. But for normal and natural hairs, mild shampoo works best.

7. Apply egg hair mask to improve the quality of your hair.
Eggs contain nutrients that promote hair growth and make your hair look shinier and healthier.
They are also packed with proteins that strengthen hair strands.
To make egg mask, break an egg into a bowl and add 2tbsps. of curd to it (preferably, home made curd). Beat this mixture to get smooth and creamy consistency. You can adjust the quantity of curd according to your hair length, but don’t use more than one egg.
If the smell of egg disturbs you, you can add a tbsp. of lemon juice.

Apply this mask on your hair from roots till end and leave it for 45 minutes, then wash off with mild shampoo followed by conditioner.
You will see noticeable results in one wash. Your hairs will look so shiny and nourished.

8. Maintain cleanliness of hair.
When you don’t wash your hair for long, your scalp gets dirty and hair becomes sticky and starts smelling bad. As a result, it gives rise to dandruff and many hair problems like itching, hair fall, etc.
To have healthy hair, you must clean them well every time your wash them. Lather your shampoo correctly to get rid of excess dirt on your scalp.

9. Protect your hair.
It includes wearing a head cap while you swim and tying your hair into a bun in stormy weathers.
Even when you step out in sunny weather, try to cover your hair with scarf as UV rays emitted from sun can damage your hair.

10. Get your hairs trimmed at least twice a year.
Split ends develop when you postpone your haircuts for long. To avoid dry ends and split ends, you must trim your hair as and when required. Trimming removes the damaged hair and make space for healthy hair.

You must also keep in mind the essence of healthy diet for healthy hair growth. So, eat healthy food and stay hydrated to nourish your hair from within.
Do share these haircare tips with your friends and you can leave your feedback in the comment section below.



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