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10 reasons why being “emotional” is good for you


10 reasons why being “emotional” is good for you

People usually define emotional people as weak or sensitive and sometimes, “emotional fool” too! But that’s just not the right definition. To have emotions is not a drawback, but strength and in this listicle, we will tell you why.

So if you’re an emotional person, feel proud about yourself because you are blessed with these 10 amazing qualities:

1. You have a kind heart.
This is one of the most exceptional qualities you have. A kind heart is more beautiful than a pretty face and the world needs more people like you. Because being kind, you never refuse to lend a helping hand and you leave no stone unturned to make people smile.

2. You are a good advisor.
You have a tendency to relate to people’s stories and when someone shares his/her problems with you, you place yourself in their situation and come up with the best possible solutions. It’s difficult for you to see people in pain, so you end up giving them advices and ensure that they come out of the problem.

3. You are good at keeping relations.
It’s easy to develop relations but not everyone can keep them for longer, but hey, you’ve got that super power. You keep aside your ego and make every sincere effort to keep relations going. Be it your friends, your siblings or your spouse, you give them utmost importance and you always make them feel special.

4. You see the good side of everything.
You don’t have a habit to judge things negatively, you have the ability to observe beauty in every small thing. You take note of the advantages, instead of disadvantages and you don’t criticise flaws, but you appreciate the qualities.

5. You spread love wherever you go.
You connect to people so easily. You take care of the things and people around you. Happiness and peace is all that you desire and you crave to create a happy atmosphere around you. If you see anyone suffering, you’ll directly jump to help them without giving it a second thought.

6. You are an inspiration, no doubt.
You love to see people grow and you constantly motivate them do work harder. You’re probably not someone who gets jealous about anyone’s achievements. Rather, you appreciate achievements with all your heart and soul.

7. You are true to your commitments.
If you promise to stay forever, you mean it! Because you have your emotions attached and emotions are permanent. You are poor at cheating people, you stick to your promises and which is why it hurts you when people change.

8. You are a selfless soul.
You give priority to everyone except you. You get influenced by their actions and words and you always bother about their well-being. Apparently, emotional people could be the best social workers because they are sympathetic towards their loved ones. Infact, When you are stuck in some problem and someone ask for a help, you will keep your problem aside and you’ll immediately rush to help them.

9. You’re a good person to be with.
Yes, people enjoy your company. You laugh with them, you cry with them but never give up on them. People feel it safe to share their problems with you as you listen to them patiently. Also, you give so much love and care to people around you.

10. You’re not weak, you are strong enough to express yourself unabashedly.
Not everyone is brave enough to cry in public, but you are. You express your emotions instead of hiding them with a fake smile. And this quality makes you least vulnerable to depression because you don’t create a castle of pain inside you. You express it and heal yourself.

You must be a proud emotional now, No?
Also, share it with your emotional friends and let them know how good they are!



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