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10 Style Tips that Make You a Fashionista

10 style tips that make you a fashionista


10 Style Tips that Make You a Fashionista

Fashion is something every girl is passionate about. It not only adds a charm to the beauty but also makes you shine in the crowd. But remember, blindly following the latest trend is not fashion. Rather, it is styling yourself the right way.

To all the beautiful girls, here we have some cool tips that will attract the eyes towards you and will ultimately, make you a fashionista.


1. Accessorize Right

Keep in mind that “less is more” and it is never a good idea to flaunt all your matching accessories at the
same time.


2. Don’t expose too much

One body part at a time. For example, if you’re wearing shorts, don’t expose your shoulders or cleavage. You should know what to show and what to hide.


3. Never wear clothes you feel uncomfortable in

Each body type requires different styles. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight or too loose on your body, because comfort is the tool of fashion. Wearing the right clothes makes you feel super confident.


4. Plan before you go shopping

Know what you have and what you don’t. If you have black jeans, make sure you spend on denim colors the next time. If your cupboard is full of Indian prints, try something floral. That’s how you build a perfect wardrobe.


5. Put on the right makeup

Never apply too much makeup on casual days, or when you are going to your college/office. It will make you look drastic. Try no-makeup makeup look on usual days and save Smokey eyes option for a grand party. This way, you will look noticeable on parties.


6. Keep changing your looks

Having the same hairstyle from years can make you look boring. No one wants to look the same thing every day. Play with your hairstyle. Some days, keep them open, some days, tied, some days give them a quick blow dry.

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7. Wear according to the occasion

Attending a party in a formal suit is really pathetic. Always dress up accordingly. While going to a party, wear something western. On marriages or festivals, try to give traditional a priority. When you switch your styles, you actually reveals the different personality of you, the ethnic you, the western you!


8. Leopard and military prints are evergreen

Spend more on them. They will never become outdated and the good thing is, you can pair them with anything and you can carry such prints anywhere. They make you look glamorous too.

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9. Play with colors

We all love to wear black, pink or red but these are not the only colors on the palette. Try the latest shades like lavender, sky blue, light green, mustard, etc. Colors also change with the season. Black in summers looks so heavy. So, choose your colors wisely.


10. Grab the most suitable sunglasses

Sunglasses are the easiest way to give yourself a catchy look. They enhance the shape of your face and are your best friends when you don’t have your eye makeup on. So make sure you wear a
polarized sunglasses which goes with your face well.


Do You already use these tips? If not, which one are you planning to use? Also, we’d love to know your personal Fashion Hacks… do share with us in the comment section below.



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