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10 terrible beauty tips that you should never follow


10 terrible beauty tips that you should never follow

In this era of fast moving life and technology, we end up searching everything on google. But remember, Google is not your best friend. There are pros and cons of everything so do a good research before you follow any beauty tip.
We have prepared a list on 10 such beauty tips you should never follow, Read carefully:

1. Never apply Colgate on acne
It will make the situation even worse. It will also affect the skin around the area where you have applied it and creates dryness and roughness, So Colgate for face is a big NO NO!

2. Oily Skin DO needs moisturizer
You must have been told many times that you must skip moisturizer if you have oily skin, but that’s false. Every skin type requires moisturizer.

3. Applying lip liner of a shade darker than the shade of lipstick.
Nothing is more dramatic than this. It should be almost similar to your lip shade to give a natural effect. This will define the shape of your lips beautifully.

4. Skip conditioner
Hair requires conditioner each time you wash them. During childhood, we are often advised to avoid conditioner but the truth is conditioner is very important for the healthy growth of your hair.

5. Sleeping with makeup on.
It looks fascinating in movies to see an actress sleeping with winged eyeliner and red lipstick, but this is very dangerous in real life. It leads to wrinkles and dark circles.

6. Apply sunscreen only when you step out
No, pollution is everywhere. Infact, you should apply sunscreen in rainy season too. Texture may vary, you can switch from cream based sunscreen to gel based but make sure you apply sunscreen.

7. Go for a haircut only when you genuinely need
Just like donating blood improves the quality of your blood, similarly trimming your hair at least twice an year will enhance the texture of your hair.

8. Using hot water for hair wash
This is the worst beauty tip. Hot water can damage the scalp and make your hair look rough and dull. It also affects your roots and prevents the growth of hair. To get healthy and shiny hair, use lukewarm water to wash your hair.

  1. Twisting your hair to remove split ends
    Many people tend to run their fingers through the tip of hair and keep breaking the split ends. This is not the right way to get rid of split ends. Rather, go for a salon treatment. They have some perfect techniques to remove split ends without causing extra damage.

    10. Applying lipstick as eye shadow
    Economically, it sounds great but practically, the area around your eyes is too sensitive as compared to lips. It requires mild chemicals and extra care. Applying lipstick could result in puffiness or greasiness around eyes.

    Note down these beauty tips and next time you are advised such beauty tip, immediately refuse to follow. Your skin needs extra care and we care about your sensitive skin.
    If you know any such beauty tip, please share it with us in comment section below.



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