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10 Things that Happened to Me When I Gave up Soda for a Week!

10 Things that Happened to Me When I Gave up Soda for a Week


10 Things that Happened to Me When I Gave up Soda for a Week!

Just as they say “ open happiness “ or “ taste the feeling. “ What feeling? How we feel so unhealthy? What happiness?


That is no longer left when we start seeing the side effects? I have always been like most of you, I love Soda a lot and was majorly addicted to coke, so addicted that even if someone tried to show me the harms, I would ignore them.

I used to love to have it with almost all meals, and everyday. I got so head over heels for it, I used to have Soda twice to thrice a day, while i’m out for a movie or lunch or a stroll in the market or a mall, & even while I was being a lazy bum at home.

Suddenly, one day I realized, my bones really started hurting, I felt really unhealthy. I thought of listening to everyone, and after some researchful nights, I read how coke was really very harmful to my body. During research, I found what happens to our body 1 hour after we drink coke or any sweet soda.

It was a really shocking thing. However, not a lot of us know it, and most of us do not even care. But once I read it, I think it’s something that all of us should be aware of, I would like to explain it to you all as well.


THIS is what happens to your body ONE HOUR after drinking Coke or Any Sweet Soda…


First 10 minutes

10 teaspoons of sugar hit your inner system. You don’t vomit because of the over sweetness because of the presence of an acid called the phosphoric acid which cuts the flavor down and allows your system to keep it down.


20 minutes

You go through an insulin burst, caused because of your blood sugar spikes. The liver responds by turning any sugar that it grabs into fat.


40 minutes

The Caffeine is completely absorbed. Causing your pupils to dilate, the blood pressure to go up. The liver dumps more sugar in our blood stream. Drowsiness is not prevented because the adenosine receptors in our brain are blocked.


45 minutes

Dopamine production goes up in the body which stimulates the pleasure centers of our brain. Which is physically the same way as heroin works.


60 minutes

The phosphoric acid binds the calcium, magnesium, and zinc in our lower intestine, causing a further boost in our metabolism. This is compounded by high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners, which also increase the urinary excretion of calcium.


After 60 minutes

The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play, it makes you have to pee. It is now sure that you will have to evacuate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was headed to your bones as well as sodium, electrolyte, and water.


And this is when my whole outlook on coke changed. I decided to give up coke from the very next minute and made a pact with myself, never to have soda again or at least reduce the amount drastically. I realized I should love myself enough to lead a happy healthy life.


When I left Soda, I actually felt a lot better.


I saw a lot of changes in me like I felt very less bloated. I actually felt less fat after decreasing my intake of all the “10 teaspoons of sugar”. I realized how soda was really making me fat as well as unhealthy.

I was gaining a lot of calories, just by drinking something that satisfied me for a few minutes, without realizing how it will require a lot more than 10 times of those few minutes to burn those calories.

It is well studied by Harvard that having a coke or any type of soda increases your risk to chronic heart diseases. It also increases the blood pressure, which affects the. That’s when I felt I am taking better care of my heart, at least by quitting what I know isn’t good for it.

I understood how it affects my brain, and why I wasn’t able to think properly for a while, I used to forget a lot of things, sometimes where I kept things, and a lot of more incidents happened. Which made sense when I realized that we all reach for coke or any soda providing caffeine for keeping us awake when we feel drowsy during the day, what we don’t realize is that they will keep us awake for the time being but in the long run, they have a huge effect on our brain. Like bad memory, effects on our learning skills, and much more.

One day, I just hit my tooth with a bottle while drinking water, and a tiny bit of it broke, when I gave up soda, all these little oral problems did not happen.

I felt a lot better that I do not have to worry anymore about stupid things like a bottle while drinking water breaking my tooth. Sodas can really make our teeth weak. Which is a bad thing, many of us do not realize?

I always knew, coke really harmed the bones, my body used to hurt a lot when I used to have such a high consumption of soda, however after leaving it for a week, I saw a lot of difference, I noticed that my bones did not hurt even half as much as they did before.

I was really glad to see the change in me. My body and bladder felt clean, it is said that coke or soda drinks really irritate your bladder, which causes us to pee constantly. I was happy to know I was saved from all the kidney diseases that are caused by these drinks and sometimes even the fear of kidney failure.

It is also said to cause diabetes, we already have a lot of things that can lead to this, but I was happy to know I at least took a step towards cutting one down from my life. My usual Sunday, included laying in bed watching tv with some fries or chips or fo that matter any junk food with at least one coke can.

I did not realize then that this could lead to major obesity, which is really bad for us, and at least I am saved from that. Due to my bones being stronger, and me feeling healthier I feel like going out doing some physical activity, and eating less junk food as well. It’s a major step towards being fit and healthy!!

Last but not the least, I actually got over my addiction for something so little causing some very very big problems inside my body. I felt happier as that day I took a step towards doing something for myself and here, a week later I really felt the effects, and I guess that’s what counts.

I really hope this helps everyone to see the harms caused by soda / canned drinks such as coke, sprite, etc. I also hope, each one of you understands and takes a step towards the betterment of our lifestyles & healthy.


Also remember, “ THERE IS NO TIME BUT NOW TO START LIVING HEALTHY. “ Take a step towards gifting yourself a healthy life, you deserve it!!




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