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10 things you need to know before you get a piercing!


10 things you need to know before you get a piercing!

Fashion drives us crazy and piercing? It’s every girl’s first step to fashion. As we grow up, our mothers plan our first piercing, most commonly ear piercing. Infact, sometimes, we ourselves want to get our ear or nose pierced, for a change!
But piercing is something you should be careful about. Wondering what and how?
Keep reading further to know 10things to keep in mind before you get a piercing.

1. Approach a piercing specialist.
Hoardings or pamphlets on piercing are everywhere to see, but you cannot trust everyone. To get your piercing done, you must do a good research about the location. Thanks to Google, you can check the reviews and ratings too! Make sure that you choose the right piercing specialist, who is well equipped with latest technologies.

2. Keep a check on the machines.
With the advancement in technology, “gun” method has come into play. It is less painful and has many advantages but before you go for it, know if it is sterilized after every piercing or not. Never get yourself operated with a machine that is not sterilised else, it will cause bacterial infections.

3. Know your sensitivity to metals.
Many people are sensitive towards some metal, mostly nickel. If you possess any such allergy, don’t shy away from sharing to the specialist. They have alternatives and replacements. But tell them before it’s too late.

4. It won’t hurt much.
There is lot hearsay about piercings. But, actually, it is not that painful. Obviously, it will hurt for few minutes but then you will be fine. Remember that pain is only a sensation and it is temporary so stay strong. If you will panic much or shout out loud, it will shake the hands of the doer, resulting in dislocated piercing.

5. Talk to people and learn from their experiences.
Ask your mother, your elder sister or your friend about their experiences. Listen to them carefully and seek advices from them. They might have developed soreness or redness after their piercing, they will give you a brief about everything. Experiences teach better than scripted knowledge.

6. Select the right size according to the shape of your face.
Everything comes in variety these days. It’s easy to find the most suitable ear ring or nose ring according to your face shape. For example, don’t go for too larger earrings if you have a long face.

7. Experiment the look before.
If you’re planning for a new piercing, give it a try by wearing an artificial one. Take your time and decide whether it is looking good on your face or not. Because once pierced, it cannot be undone.

8. Avoid piercing in rainy season
Yes, rainy season is not a good time to get a piercing as chances of infections or swellings are more in this season. So either wait for the monsoons to end or plan a piercing before the monsoon season.

9. Never drink alcohol before a piercing or even right after your piercing.
Alcohol turns your blood thinner, which will lead to extra flow of blood during piercing and it will cause immense pain at the piercing site. So, avoid drinking alcohol till you completely heal yourself from piercing.

10. Ask about extra care from the specialist.
Don’t leave the clinic before asking for the precautions. Every new thing demands extra care, which you are not habitual of. It’s better to ask, how to take care of the piercing afterwards and the do’s and don’ts.

If you know any tip other than these, please share it with us in comment section below. Sharing is caring!



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