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10 Tips to Make Your Bra More Comfortable!

10 Tips to Make Your Bra More Comfortable


10 Tips to Make Your Bra More Comfortable!

All of us have love-hate relationships with our bras. Some days, we find them cute, snugly and supportive; other days they are outright a pain in the back, literally.
Even though, as we all know, the #1 way to be comfortable with a bra is to not be into one. Yet, for the sake of times that you require that support, I have listed down 10 tips that will help you co-exist with bras.


1. Soften your bras, before you wear them

soften your bra

First things first, ladies!
You know that mixed feeling when you want to wear your new bra but at the same time, you’re dreaded of the fact that it will be just so uncomfortable? (I know that feeling too).
Well, it is time you do something about it.
Hand-wash your new bras, or cool wash (if you must use a washing machine), and then air-dry them a couple of times before you actually wear them.
This will soften the fabric and hence give you a comfy fit when you finally put those on!


2. Treat yourselves with bra strap cushions!

Treat yourselves with bra strap cushions

Okay now, this is going to be a life-changing investment.
You know what is better than regular straps? Broad straps. You know what is even better? Bra strap cushions!
You can wear these cushions with any type of bra. This will not only make you feel comfortable but will also prevent those annoying bra strap marks on your shoulders. Adding to these, these cushions will keep your straps just where they should be. No more slipping straps!
So, give your shoulders some rest and get yourself some bra strap cushions.


3. Extend the life of a bra

Extend life of a Bra

We all have one of those bras that are just so close to you. These bras are not only clothing, they are a part of your life. You are emotionally attached to these bras.
But, they get old and all stretched. You have to throw them away but you do not want to.
Well, this is where bra strap extenders come in. You can add these to your old or that cute-but-uncomfortable bra and, voila, you have comfortable bras that fit properly!
These extenders come in different colors and number of hooks. Choose yours and never feel caged again!


4. Stay clear off the moisturizer

Stay clear off the moisturiser

It feels good and fresh when you apply moisturizer all over your body right after you come out of the shower. But you may want to stay clear off the boob area.
Moisturizing your breasts in the morning will only give you slippery bars throughout the day. Especially during summers, since the sweat will add to it. This will engage your mind, as you will keep worrying about your bra slipping away when you should be working.
Instead, moisturize your breast area during the night time when you do not have to wear bras.


5. Get measured every time you go bra-shopping

get measured


Did you know that your bra size keeps changing due to hormones during periods or pregnancy? Most bra problems arise due to the wrong size.

The majority of women think they know their bra size and keep purchasing the wrong size over and over again. And, also, keep wondering why they can never find the comfortable ones.
Well, you may want to get measured when you go bra-shopping the next time. Each store has its own scale and sizes. Your size does not only keep changing with time but is also different for every store.
So, the next time you go to buy new bras, do not hesitate to ask for a measure so as to buy the perfect size.


6. Have your bras fitted properly

have your bra fitted properly


Sometimes, the right size too may cause certain discomforts. Not everybody with the same size has the same shape too.
Do not shilly-shally to ask for professional bra fittings. Go to the stores that offer such professional bra fittings and thank yourself for as long as that bra lasts!


7. Bend wires!

bend wires

As I said earlier, not everybody has the same body shape. If you go for bras with underwire, you may need to customize them in order to experience comfort.
You can bend the underwire in accordance with your boob shape. This will help you experience a comfy bra that suits your body shape.
The best method is to lay the bra against a table edge, and then bend the wire around the edge until you get the required shape.


8. Pad it Out!

pad it out

Symmetry is aesthetic, but not omnipresent.
Many women have uneven breasts. Hence, it gets weird when the bra supports one boob perfectly but the leaves the other one alone to sag.
Solve this with padding! Pad one side of your bra so that it fits perfectly and you feel completely secure.


9. Adjust the Straps

adjust the straps

Over time, bras tend to stretch and lose shape due to repeated washing and wearing. This can make you feel uncomfortable and make your breasts look saggy.
Straightaway, you decide that you need to buy new ones when all you have to do is adjust the straps.
Tighten the straps of your old bras in order to continue the support you have been receiving from them.


10. Invest in bra converter straps

invest in bra converter

Ladies, we are lucky to live in an era which offers things like low back bra converter straps.
These straps come in different colors and it is perfect for those days when you want to sport a backless dress or a racer back top.
We have all been trying to achieve this with the help of pokey paperclips; it is the time we do it right and comfortably.


Got some Tips? Nice Hacks? Do share with us in the Comment section.




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