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10 tricks for taking the best selfie ever


10 tricks for taking the best selfie ever

Selfies are a big necessity these days! We meet our friend, we take a selfie. We eat out, we take a selfie. We dress up well, we take a selfie. We go to college, we take a selfie. Selfie, Selfie and Selfie!
Truth is, we have bombarded the storage of our phone with selfies. Bitter truth is, we end up taking hundreds of similar selfies just to get that one Instagrammable, or say uploadable selfie!

What if we brings this to end today? Yes. We have a solution to it. You’ll stop clicking too many selfies, you will click that one perfect selfie in one go. Wondering how?
Read further to know the right techniques to take Selfie.

1. Capture in the right light
Lighting is very important. It adds glow to your face and makes you look more charming. It also hides away your blemishes and brings your face to the focus. Fortunately, we all are blessed with a natural light, sunlight! It’s no less than a beauty mode.

2. Choose the right angle
Angle defines your body shape in selfies. Mostly, women prefers the top angle as it makes them look thinner. Some prefer the left angle as it is more flattering to flaunt your left cheek. Make sure you don’t stand straight when you get yourself clicked, stand tangentially at an angle. It will look amazing.

3. Know your best profile
Everyone has two sides and one of them is more beautiful. So, just stand in front of a mirror and find out your best side. Basically, all you need to notice is which side makes your expressions look more adorable? It could be right side or left side.

4. Use flash only when it’s dark around you
If you throw a flash on your face, even under the natural light, it will make you look dramatic. It’s best to avoid it. Turn your flash on when you’re somewhere in dark or during night. You can also use a flash in movie hall! Key is to know where you actually need a flash light.

5. Avoid faking a smile
It ruins the beauty of a selfie. Yes, it does! Fake smiles look very disappointing and when you force yourself to smile, your face could reveal it easily. Have you ever came across a pure smiling face that was not beautiful? Perhaps not. Natural smiles are always fascinating and adorable.

6. Take care of the background
Beautiful the background, enchanting is the selfie! Infact, if you pose in front of a wall which is painted with the same colour you’re wearing, it will give your selfie a decent look. The colour of the wall could be in contrast too, it also looks beautiful. Just look behind you before you click a selfie and make sure there is no such thing that will give an ugly effect to your selfie.

7. Play with your expressions.
Try pouting, winking or laughing! Capture selfies with different expressions, it catches the interest of viewers. Smiling the same way in all your selfies will make your photo album look boring.

8. Never edit your selfie too much.
Adjusting the brightness, contrast or sharpness beyond the natural scale will give a bizarre look to your selfie. Just put on a right filter and you’re ready to upload! Keep it natural as much as you can.

9. Grab your sunglasses
Sunglasses give a quick classy effect to your selfies and your face look so defined. Never wear over-sized sunglasses, pick according to the shape of your face.

10. Be careful with your makeup
Sometimes, its the wrong winged eyeliner or undone eyebrows that spoil your selfie. Also, put on the right lipstick, because cracked or dry lips looks unpleasant. Over-baked face or applying over-makeup on your face can ruin your selfie too.

Now that you know where were you doing it wrong, make sure you keep it in your mind next time and click a perfect selfie with these super cool tricks.
Also, feel free to share your secret of taking the right selfie, in the comment section below!



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