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11 Weird Period Myths that You Thought Were True till Now!


11 Weird Period Myths that You Thought Were True till Now!

If you go back in time, people used to shy away from talking about menstruation. But thanks to many films, videos, and new age media that people are coming out and talking about periods.

Even with so much transparency, there are several wacky myths that people still believe when it comes to periods and mensurations.

Where Do Period Myths Come From?

Before science and medicine came into existence, religion was the influence in explaining a natural phenomenon.

Most of the religions put a negative mark on menstruation, making it a point of dirtiness in women. The image of a menstruating woman is shown as dirty, impure, or even evil, leading to social and cultural practices that isolated women from the society.
Even though many of these practices have ceased to exist now, but, the public still attaches a communal taboo to menstruation, directing the conversation secretive.


Here Are 11 myths regarding periods you thought were true until today


1. Don’t wash your hair when you are on your periods

This is the most heard myth regarding periods and almost 75% of the women believe in it too. But it is a mere taboo. A nice warm bath during periods can help regulate the menstrual flow and reduce the cramps.


2. It is unhealthy to have sex during your periods

Another believed myth is that a woman shouldn’t have sex during her period. It is false, as having sex reduces the menstrual cramps and also there is no risk of getting a disease or infection to you or your sexual partner.


3. You Should Not use a Tampon during the first period

This is bizarre and there is nothing wrong with using a tampon when you get your first period. The only thing that you must care of is to follow the instructions properly and change the tampon at regular intervals.


4. If you miss your period, you are pregnant

One reason girls go havoc after missing their period is because they believe in the myth that missing their period can only lead to one conclusion and that is pregnancy.

Although, it is true in most of the cases but is not a litimus test. One can miss their period because of several reasons such as anxiety, change in weight or nutrition, hypertension and many more. Considering a doctor in such a situation is advisable.


5. A tampon can get lost in the vagina

Believed by majority of young girls, this myth is 100% false. Nothing can ever get lost in the vagina as it ends at the cervix and a tampon cannot go further than that. So there is nothing to worry about leaving a tampon behind.


6. There is no such thing as PMS

This one is false. PMS is natural, and it happens with almost every woman. Women have emotional and physical symptoms of getting their periods 3-4 days before their date. These symptoms are related to food habits, emotional outbursts or tension.


7. Never use medication to skip your period

In order to regulate heavy period flow or for some personal reasons, You can consult your doctor and use the medication to skip your period for a specific month. This is normal and will not affect your health.


8. Your period stops when you’re in the water

Like, seriously? No dude! it woon’t! If you are in the shower or in a swimming pool, your period doesn’t stop. It stays inside your vagina due to the water pressure. So if you’re going to a pool party, you must wear your sanitary napkin or tampon.


9. You shouldn’t touch the pickle

This is bizarre as nothing happens to the pickle if you touch it during your periods. This is a religious myth which started centuries ago to project a menstruating woman as impure and unclean. In the 21st century, it is normal to touch and eat and serve your favorite pickle whenever you want.


10. Don’t wear whites during your period

Any girl or woman menstruating is free to wear any colored clothes they feel comfortable in. If you want to wear white, just be careful of not staining your clothes but that is aplicable to all colors not just white.


11. Don’t exercise during your period days

Centuries ago, they considered menstruation cycle as those days when a woman lived in complete isolation, take rest, do no work and wasn’t allowed to take part in any physical activities. But all of this is just a myth and nothing more. In fact, doing exercise during your period days can help in reducing the menstrual cramps and regulates the heavy blood flow.

So, now you know about all these Period Myths. Got friends who believe these myths? Share this article with them right away and break the Myths.



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