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12 Sneaky Foods that Make you Eat More Even if You are Not Hungry!

12 Sneaky Foods that Make you Eat More Even if You are Not Hungry!


12 Sneaky Foods that Make you Eat More Even if You are Not Hungry!

Ever wondered why often even after having some food, your hunger is not satisfied? Why you keep running to your kitchen and keep opening the refrigerator door ever so often? Well, the answer to your all-time hunger is in the food you consume! Some sneaky foods can trick you into eating more even if you just had it. Sounds like a witch’s work, doesn’t it? But there are perfect scientific reasons behind them.

Here, we are listing the top 12 sneakiest foods that make you eat more even if you are not hungry.


1. Chewing gum

Remember the growling of your stomach when the sweet sweetness of the gum has finished? We all have experienced this, right? This is the most widely used food that tricks your stomach into eating more.

Eating a chewing gum produces saliva which when then goes into the stomach and fools it into believing that there is food incoming to be digested.

So next time when you don’t have food around try avoiding chewing gum else you would feel starved for a long time.


2. Alcohol

You might have predicted this one, right? We all have been there. Grabbing for snacks after booze. The ethanol present in alcohol directly affects the hypothalamus gland which is responsible for the feeling of hunger in our mind. Therefore, the more you consume alcohol, the hungrier you get. Relatable?


3. Sugar

A sad news for all the sweet tooth people out there. Consuming a lot of sugar can cause an increase of insulin in your body which in turn causes your blood sugar level to drop. This drop in sugar level increases your hunger for food. Ever wondered why you have this sweet addiction in the first place?


4. Low fiber fruits

Fiber plus water is bulk’. When fiber-rich whole foods are refined, they strip away the fiber and the end product is a low fiber food which can be easily eaten in large amounts, thus causing you to overeat. Grapes and Watermelon are included in them so make sure you consume them less and limited.


5. Chinese foods

Chinese foods are known to contain MSG (monosodium glutamate) which apart from increasing the flavor also increases your appetite.

Moreover, Chinese foods are said to have a high glycemic index which causes our body to produce more insulin and therefore a drop in blood sugar level which leads to hunger.

Make sure you decrease your daily intake of the noodles and Manchurian or you are sure to harm your digestive system by overeating.


6. Artificial sweeteners

On taking artificial sweeteners, the brain expects the related amount of calories from a sugary diet. Thus, to balance out the calories not consumed, the brain stimulates hunger.


7. Ketchup

Ketchup contain sugar and HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) which disrupts the body’s metabolism and lowers the production of the enzyme (leptin) which makes you feel satiated.

Don’t pour or consume too much of ketchup and to your aid, you can always you the homemade chatni (sauce) your Mom prepares. Gosh! Delicious.


8. Salty snacks

Pass the salt? Not anymore. Studies and researches have shown that consuming salty food makes you more hungry than thirsty.

So next time when you’re on the dining table or a restaurant make sure you don’t pour too much salt in your food or consume that kind of stuff.


9. Fast foods

Fast foods contain all the goodness your taste buds need- sugar, ketchup, salt, cheese, MSG. and these are the exact substances that we have discussed on our list.

Truly sneaky now, aren’t they? They are surely the yummiest food everyone likes to consume even knowing the harmful or ill effect they cause to our body. Well, this is another reason why our parents stop us or say no to junk foods. Eh! You should listen to them!


10. Rice

Rice is rich in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates enter your body and get broken into simpler sugars which in turn promote the release of insulin in the body. The more the insulin release, the more is the decrease in the blood sugar level in the body. And this, in turn, elevates your hunger.

Rice is also known to make you fall asleep faster and feel you tired. So it is recommended to avoid eating rice at night and also consume it less and try out chapattis.


11. Cheese

This one has to be our favorite. Cheese contains ‘casein’ which when enters the blood, creates a substance called casomorphin which is highly addictive. And therefore, you can’t help but come back for more and more.

Cheese is also known to increase fat and thus they make you cringe for more and more food thus increasing your stomach related desires.


12. Juice

It might sound like a really healthy option, but it can fool you as easily. Juicing strips away the fibers present in the fruits and therefore, does not meets the amount of nutrition your body asks for. As a result, the brain asks you to feed the body more.


So these were some of the sneaky foods which are sure to crave your stomach and make you feel hungrier from inside. Make sure you pay your attention next time while consuming food and keep your diet perfect.

Overeating or eating too less affects your digestive system which in turn affects your health and it is so recommended to maintain a proper diet and choose wisely what you eat. The above information surely would come in handy while selecting a perfect diet.

Want a secret? Well, I have one and I’ll tell you that. Shhh! Only between us. Consuming less and a limited amount of these foods would not only make you healthy but also tone your body.

This is surely going to help you maintain your shape without going to the gym and doing the hardcore exercises. Just a daily routine and bang! There you go with a nice well-maintained figure.

Well, thanks to me later!



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