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13 Reasons Why You are Still Single

13 reasons why you are still single


13 Reasons Why You are Still Single

Being single is a challenge in itself. You constantly try to convince yourself why living a single life is happier! In fact, when you spot a couple around you, either you laugh at them or you secretly wish to live their life.

While some people choose to live a single life, others are left with no other option. Which category
do you belong to?

Let’s Find out by reading the possible reasons mentioned below


1. Too shy to express your feelings

Are you an introvert? If yes, then this is probably the reason you are still single. No matter how much you try, you somehow always fail to confess your feelings to the person you furtively admire. Consequently, you continue being a one-sided lover, or say single!


2. You had a bad past

The tears you shed, the wounds you healed and the sufferings that made you cry in the middle of the night could be the forces why you refuse to be in a relationship anymore.

It takes time to move on and start a new life, so don’t worry. Give yourself enough time.


3. You’re waiting for the right guy

You are rejecting everyone who is trying to impress you. Actually, you clearly know what you want, you have ready a list of qualities you want in your partner.

This is the most common reason why you choose to stay single even after getting some good proposals.


4. Having trust issues

To be in a relationship, it’s important that you trust your partner. But if you are afraid to trust someone, or you prefer not to share your secrets with anyone, then this could be reason haunting you about getting into a relationship.


5. Persuaded by your best friend’s story

The moment you hear about the breakup of your best friend from a long-term relationship, you decide to stick to single life. This happens with all of us, when we read or hear about the poor consequences of a situation, we tend to protect ourselves from being a victim.


6. You believe in arrange marriages

You strongly feel that there is no point in being in a relationship when you are not ready for a love marriage. You are so fascinated by the concept of arranged marriage that you plan to do one.


7. The fear of cheating your parents

Yes, Parents always warn us about relationships. So, being in a relationship means going against them and this fear of keeping your relationship a secret to them or worrying about “what if they find out the truth?”, keeps contemplating our mind. Hence, we decide to stay single until they let us.


8. You are just not ready for those tantrums

You perceive the relationship as a task which demands your time, efforts and attention. The relationship needs like, putting efforts to make them feel special, planning a surprise for them, talking to them till 4 am, all seems to be a burden for you and you are just reluctant to do such things.


9. You think you won’t be a perfect partner

Call it insecurity, but sometimes you do feel like you are not capable of something. You have a delusion that you won’t be able to adjust in a relationship.


10. You enjoy being single

The most valid reason to stay single. You just don’t need anyone and you refuse to share your space. You enjoy your life like the way it is.


11. You have some plans in your mind

You might have planned to date someone only after you become well settled and independent. You wait for the right time and till then, you strive to become the better version of you.


12. You don’t believe in relationships

Love is a myth for many. You could be one of those who feels that love stories exist in movies only and in real life, there is no such thing. This thought is enough to keep you away from relationships.


13. You’re friend-zoned by someone you have a crush on

The last possible reason because yes, you don’t always get what you want. You are a secret lover and a mute heart. You are doing nothing but waiting for that person to realize your love for him and finally accept your proposal.


Found any reason from the list matching yours? Whether you are single by choice or you still wondering why? We’d love to hear from You!



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