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15 handbag essentials every woman should know


15 handbag essentials every woman should know

We must keep certain things handy to avoid any kind of inconvenience after we step out of our home. Because sometimes, either market is not approachable or you are running out of time.
These days woman refuse to carry large sized handbags and most of them have switched to cute little sling bags. They just carry a lip balm, smartphone and wallet in it. But is it all that we need? Not at all.
There are lists of things that are of utmost importance in our day to day lives and we cannot depend on borrowing them every time.
Today, I have got a list of such items for you that you must keep in your handbag to avoid hustle at the last moment.

Here are the 10 things you must carry in your handbag:

1. Tissues
They save you from creating a mess when you accidentally spill a drink in your car or if you fail to hold your eatery right and unfortunately, end up destroying your seat.
Apart from tissues, you must also keep face wipes with you to wipe off sweats and oils from your face. They help to keep your face fresh and hydrated.

2. Chewing gums
Best thing to rescue hunger cravings! They also prevent bad breath and keep you active throughout. Whenever you feel bored or tired, just grab a chewing gum out of your handbag.

3. A wallet
The most essential thing in a handbag. Prefer keeping a wallet which has separate pockets for cards and cash. They look well organized and are easily accessible.
You must also keep your 2-3 passport sized photographs in your wallet and if you’re a college going girl, then this is a must. Your teachers might ask for them anytime.

4. Lip balm.
Pollution sucks out the moisture from your lips and makes them look dry and cracked, basically unattractive. You need to apply lip balm at repeated intervals in a day. So, keep one with you which has SPF in it.
You should also keep your favourite lip shade in your handbag, they give an instant glow to the face and make you party ready in a minute.

5. Sunglasses
A life saver in sunny days, puffy eye days and no eyeliner days. Sometimes, you just don’t get enough time to do your eye makeup, in that case, just put on your sunglasses and steal the look.
They can also be your partners in photoshoots and selfies.

6. A notepad.
It may sound useless to many as we have note pad installed in our smartphone these days, but writing on a paper is more convenient.
Smartphone can disappoint you at times when it is not charged but notepad does not have unavailability issues.
Be it a grocery list, or to-do list or expenditure list, you can scribble and update your note pad any time. Sometimes, you may want to save someone’s address or contact no, which you can easily write in your notepad.
It has different uses to different people.
Don’t forget to keep a pen or a pencil with it.

7. Hair brush
Every woman wants perfect hair. But the wind and the pollution can make your hair look frizzy and disturb your hairstyle.
You must have experienced this- your hairs don’t remain similar when you reach your office/college just like you styled them at your home.
Either your baby hair pops out or your hair gets tangled.
When you have a hairbrush with you, you don’t need to worry about such problems.
Also keep some rubber bands and clutchers with you, you can need them anytime.

8. Safety pins
Too little in size but extremely important tool.
Not only do they fix your dress but as the name suggests, they can be used for a safety purpose too.

9. Perfume
Perfumes or Deodorants are very essential if you’ve a hectic day. Sweating generates body odour which is too unpleasant.
You must keep a perfume with you and spray it every time you need.

10. Band aid
It doesn’t need much explanation. They can help you in emergency and heal your injuries.

11. Extra pad
Being a girl, it’s the most important thing you may need anytime. If not you, but it could be your best friend asking for it and medical stores are not easily approachable everywhere.
You must keep an extra pad with you every time.

12. Makeup kit
To fix your makeup, always keep a BB Cream, eyeliner or kajal and one eyebrow pencil with you. They can help you in surprise party plans and coffee dates too.

13. Paper soap
I always keep paper soap with me, you should too! You could easily catch infections or allergies from certain things, to stay hygienic, you must wash your hands every time you sit to eat in a college or an office.
You can also keep a sanitizer with you. It does the same job.

14. Portable charger
While travelling back home, if your phone give low battery signals, it makes you feel panic every time.
Not just that but if you’re out for a party and want to click too many selfies and your phone is not charge enough, then portable charger can save your day!

15. Water bottle and eateries
Water keeps you hydrated and food boost your energy. You cannot trust tap water, it’s advisable to carry filtered water from your home. It can also give you relief if you ever get sudden vomit feelings.
Coming to eateries, keep healthy snacks with you like biscuits, dry fruits, etc. which can be consumed for long duration. Also, carry a lunchbox with you to avoid eating junk food.

That’s all with my list. Do share your handbag essentials in the comment section below.



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