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15 Surprising Benefits of Sleeping You Never Knew


15 Surprising Benefits of Sleeping You Never Knew

All of us love to sleep, but very few of us actually manage to get a good deep sleep. Well, after reading this article, you are going to move your schedule and make time for some hardcore sleeping.
Check out Some Surprising Benefits of Sleeping that You Really do Not want to Miss on:


1. Sleep Well to Remember Well

When we sleep, our body does it work. The brain consolidates and organizes memories of the day.
In an experiment, subjects were shown some words. Some of them were sleep deprived while others were provided with a good night’s sleep.

The sleep deprived ones claimed to recall words that were not even shown to them.
So, grab your pillow and sleep hard before that test or presentation instead of pulling an all-nighter and you will remember better the next day.


2. Sleeping well can Sharpen Your Attention

Not getting the required amount of sleep can result in lengthened reaction time. Therefore, making your attention span shorter. So, sleep in early and for a better attention span. Take care of your children’s sleep schedule in order to prevent Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, since poor sleeping habits can lead to ADHD in children.


3. Sleep Better, think Clearer

Being sleep-deprived not only shortens your attention span but makes you poor at solving logical and mathematical problems. Getting a proper sleep can repair cognition and decision-making skills.

By getting the appropriate amount of sleep, you will make lesser odd mistakes like putting your plate in the bin and the wrapper in your dishwasher.


4. Better Sleep Equals to Better Mood

It is no secret that a relaxing sleep improves your mood. You are less cranky and irritable after waking up from a pleasant sleep.
Next time you feel stressed, sleep it off. I promise you will feel better.


5. More Sleep, Fewer Health Risks

Sleeping adequately can down your health risks such as heart attacks, diabetes, obesity and heart diseases by 60%. There are tons of diseases that can be avoided by merely correcting your sleeping patterns. Believe it or not, one of them is cancer. Studies have shown that right amount of sleep can lessen your chances of getting cancer.


6. Get a Stronger Immunity

During a research, 150 people with different sleeping habits were exposed to the cold virus. People with less than 7 hours of sleep were more likely to get infected than people with a good 8 hours or more of sleep. Hence, proving that at least 8 hours of sleep daily can improve your immunity.


7. Make Your Eyesight Game Stronger

Among other healthy habits like eating carrots, sleeping rightly can equip you with better eyesight. Not getting enough sleep can result in seeing double and even, in extreme cases, hallucinations.
Keep those glasses away, your pillows closer.


8. Sleeping helps Relieve Pain

Be it your monthly menstrual cramps, or pain from an injury, sleeping can fasten your healing process. Sleeping well not only heals your pain better and faster but also increases your threshold of pain.

If the pain is what keeps you up at night, there are medications available with combinations of pain reliever and sleeping aid. Do not consume without expert directions.


9. Gain More Muscle Mass

That’s right. Muscle building is effective only when you are not sleep deprived. While sleeping, your body repairs cells and tissues damaged during your training. This prevents muscle atrophy and brings better bodybuilding results.


10. Improve Athletic Performance

In a study conducted in 2008, 5 swimmers were monitored to observe how sleeping affects athletic performance. It was concluded that sleeping sufficiently resulted in better performance.
Time to put your pillows in your training kits.


11. Better Weight Control

Every one of us wishes to maintain a healthy weight. Whether you wish to lose weight or gain some, getting enough sleep can certainly help you.
Sleep loss can result in you feeling exhausted and therefore not ready for exercise. Physiologically, sleep loss results in lower Leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone which inhibits hunger. Lower Leptin levels will cause you to feel hungrier and crave for high-fat and high-calorie food. All of this will result in accumulation of fat in your body, disturbing you BMI. On the other hand, obtaining appropriate sleep will make you feel fresh and always ready for exercise with the right amount of hunger pangs. It will help you maintain your diet, leading to a controlled weight.


12. Healthier Skin

Sleeping well not only makes you healthier from the inside but from outside as well. British Association of Dermatologists has proved that good sleepers recover better from Ultra Violet light exposure. They show fewer signs of aging and pigmentation. Moreover, they are less prone to acne.

Go get your beauty sleep, and earn your glowing skin, folks!


13. Look More Attractive

Chances of getting chosen can be increased if you, wait for it, sleep!
Yes, you heard me.
In 2010, a study was published in the British Medical Journal where 23 people were photographed after being sleep deprived and after getting the proper amount of sleep.
These photos were shown to 65 different people who rated them.
98% of ‘after getting a good sleep’ photos were found attractive by these 65 people. Hence, proving that a good night’s sleep can do wonders.


14. More sleep, Fewer Disasters

Go on and Google ‘Disasters due to sleep deprivation’. You will find a long list of horrendous disasters which will disturb you.
The Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 was investigated for causes and it was found that the cause was sleep deprivation.
In another disaster where Air France Flight 447, flying from Brazil to France crashed into the Atlantic Ocean on May 31, 2009, all of the 228 passengers died. Pilot Marc Dubois only had 1 hour of sleep before the flight and he was stealing a nap when the plane collided with a tropical storm.
In a survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation, one in every five pilots had confessed to making serious errors due to lack of sleep.
Next time you think of stretching those work hours or watching ‘one’ more episode of your favorite show instead of getting sleep, think again.


15. Better Sex life

Best for the last!
Sleeping and having a better sex life is a win-win situation, no denial in that, right?
A poll by the National Sleep Foundation revealed that 26% of peoples’ sex life suffers due to tiredness and lack of sleep.
In both men and women, Testosterone levels remain balanced because of adequate sleep. Less sleep can lower libido and can cause sex problems like erectile dysfunction.

So, go on snooze that button, sleep in, and thank me later!



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