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15 things that you can do to get over your ex


15 things that you can do to get over your ex

If your ex has occupied your mind and you think about him/her the whole day, whole night, then this listicle is definitely for you!
It is never easy to erase a person from your memory but why do you need to erase? Is that the only solution? No. The solution is to not give your ex too much attention and try to avoid him as much as you can.
Keep reading further to know how you can reach the solution!

1. Block your ex on social accounts.
It’s important to stop stalking your ex after the breakup. Because each time you stalk, you begin to miss him and start cherishing all those old memories.

2. Delete all your memories.
Your phone gallery must be overloaded with your pictures together, if they are disturbing your peace then it’s highly recommended that you delete them. Just delete all your pictures, chats, videos, everything. Materialistic things are easy to erase, emotional are not.

3. Dispose off that valentine gift still lying on your table.
Obviously, that gift is too precious for you but now, it is nothing but a constant reminder of your breakup. It reminds you of all the sleepless nights and all the pain. Just pick it up and bury it or discard it. You have to make room for your own happiness.

4. Keep yourself occupied.
Best thing you can do to yourself. Indulge yourself in activities as much as you can, watch movies, go out for swimming or aerobics, read novels, anything that keeps your mind busy.

5. Spend time with your friends.
Friends can make you heal even the evil pains, easily. Communicate with them, talk about the most happiest things with them and then just notice the way they will make you laugh.

6. Breathe in some fresh air.
Go to cafes, shopping malls or open places like parks, monuments, etc. and give yourself enough time to relax. Start living in the present. Feel the beauty of everything around you and start making new memories. You can also plan a trip to hill stations, because the mountains are magical! The scenic beauty, picturesque views, will make your forget everything.

7. Try to control your emotions.
Every time you hear about them, don’t end up crying. Stay strong. Call yourself a fighter, not a survivor. Know that it’s okay if you’ve separated. There is a life beyond that. Even if you catch someone talking about your ex, don’t start talking shit about him. The more negative you will think about your ex, the more it will shatter you.

8. Never agree to stay in contact even after the breakup.
Talking to your ex after a breakup, is the most absurd way to destroy yourself. It is too difficult to switch relations. You cannot be a friend to someone you once loved.

9. Schedule your sleep wisely.
Night brings with it so many emotions and isolation. So before the night turns on your sorrowful side, go off to sleep. It would be better if you avoid sleeping for long during daytime because then, you will struggle to sleep at night. Hence, pick the right time for you to sleep.

10. Never be too harsh on your emotions.
If you feel like crying, just let it be. Over pretending to stay normal will frustrate you and can result in depression. So, feel free to express your pain sometimes.

11. Don’t wait for him to come back.
If you hero worship your ex even after breakup and assumes that he will come back one day and everything will get fine, then you are fooling yourself. Rather, you should work on to get yourself back, to get your old self back.

12. It’s too late to analyse things now.
Whatever happened, happened for a reason. Now stop overthinking about it. Your mind should not be immersed with, “What if I would said this to him that day?” or ” What if I would not behaved that way?”. You cannot go back to the past and change things, so just come out of it.

13. Know that you were not responsible alone.
Breakup sometimes make you feel that you were wrong and you start blaming yourself. Consequently, you try to alter yourself. Change is good when it is directed to improve you but it is harsh if you change yourself just to keep someone happy. You cannot meet everyone’s expectations and people will always find a way to point fingers at you. So love yourself as much as you can and feel proud about yourself.

14. Create a happy atmosphere around you.
Listening to heartbreak songs or eating his favourite food will ruin you. Cook what’s your favourite dish, play some energetics songs and dance to the tunes. You will feel much happier.

15. Take time before you get into another relationship.
If you will push yourself into a relationship just after the breakup, then you might end up relating or comparing the things. Preferably, try to come out of the past relationship before you come into another relationship.

Hope that you find any of them effective for you, If yes, We are more than happy for you. Because you deserve a happier life. Also, feel free to drop your inputs in the comment section below.



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