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5 easy to follow tips to stop Binge-eating


5 easy to follow tips to stop Binge-eating

Binge-eating is a common eating disorder these days which arises due to emotional stress. It causes the victim to eat unconditionally and consequently, leads to obesity and many health problems. The person who suffers from binge eating develops intense love for food and call it their stress buster. They abnormally eat their favourite food to keep themselves happy. Usually, the favourite food is junky, like chocolate, sweets, ice-creams, burgers, pizzas, etc.

If you are suffering from binge-eating, then relax, it is a temporary disorder which can be treated if you are ready to stand against it. Because it takes will power and dedication to come out of binge-eating.
In this article, I have compiled some of the simplest tips to stop Binge-Eating that are easy to follow and are practical too!

1. Work on your emotions.
The first and foremost thing you need to conquer is emotion! To be very honest, nothing will work unless and until you decide to push yourself and make a strong decision.
Binge-eating could be due to loneliness or isolation, so instead of coughing your mouth with food, grab a pen and a notebook and write how you feel. Talk to yourself, understand your emotions and tell yourself that its completely okay to feel like this. You need to admit that food is not a solution, mental peace is!

2. Find a healthy substitute of food that you crave for.
• If you are someone who craves for ice-cream, chocolates or anything that is sweet, then honey cinnamon tea is the best substitute for you.
Make yourself a honey cinnamon tea and drink it. It is healthy and sweet at the same time. It will satiate your sweet cravings.

  • If you feel like eating even when you’re not hungry, then get a glass of water. It will make you feel fuller and you will not urge to eat.
  • If you wish to chew food like burger or pizza, then keep some fruits around you. Whenever you crave for burgers or pizzas, chew a fruit. It will help you to avoid junk food.

    3. Not only food can release happy hormones, look for other options!
    These options include exercising, sleeping and developing a hobby.
    When you work on your body and lose even 100gms of fat, it makes you feel happier like nothing else. So, switch to exercising to keep yourself happy.
    Sleeping also releases happy hormones and makes you feel energetic, so sleep to rescue hunger cravings.
    Developing a hobby could be helpful too, it will keep you occupied (basically divert your mind from food) and it will also make you feel happy as you will start appreciating your own skills.

    4. Boost your self-esteem.
    People suffer from binge-eating usually after experiencing any emotional trauma, breakup or harassment or bullying. In that process, somehow your self-esteem is reduced to dust. You start feeling guilty, ashamed or too weak.
    Best way to feel confident about yourself is to appreciate your achievements. Count your blessings and tell yourself that you are strong.
    Practically, what you can do is to pamper yourself. Travel to some happening places, go to shopping (women loves shopping) or you can also go to salon for spa, manicure or pedicure (it will also make you feel beautiful inside and out).

    5. Don’t suppress your cravings too much.
    If you will supress them much, they will outburst one day which will cause you to eat even more and it will also result in extreme bloating.
    What you can do is to PLAN YOUR DIET.
    Make a strict timetable on what will you eat and how much, for example 2 chocolates a week.
    Pen down your timetable in capital letters and fix in your kitchen. Now, whenever you will enter kitchen for food, you will know what to eat and what not to.
    This will reduce your junk food consumption and everything in limit is complete okay.

    I hope these tips will get you out of binge eating super soon. Till then, take care and know that you are strong and special! Feel happy inside and stay fit!



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