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5 productive things to do in your free time


5 productive things to do in your free time

Time is the most expensive thing these days, don’t ruin it doing nothing. Because once wasted, it will never come back.
Getting free time is like a luxury in our busy lives. We can either choose to chill or make the best use of it. While chilling is also a good option, as enjoyment is necessary to live a happy life but you must not chill every time.
Invest in your free time effectively and it will bring you wonderful outcomes. With the accelerating technology, everything is now available under a click. There are numerous opportunities to learn and diverse options to explore.

What if I tell you that you can productively spend your free time without getting bored? Yes, I have a list of 5things that you can do in your free time:

1. Read novels.
Interesting, addictive and beneficial. That’s how I define novels. But it can have different meaning to you.
Novels are available in various genres including fiction, romance, mystery, thrilling, motivational, drama and historical. You can pick bestselling novels on whatever topic that interests you.
Reading novels also helps to build communication skills and improves your fluency. It has proved to be a fruitful skill to many students who once lacked confidence in English speaking.
You can simply sit on a couch and read a novel while sipping green tea or noodles. It takes no effort and does a lot of good to you.

2. Learn a language.
In today’s world, a good command over foreign language is essential. It improves the chances of getting hired by your dream company.
Not only is it advantageous, but interesting too.
You can indulge yourself in any language course around you and they will also give you a certificate on successful completion of the course which will boost your CV.
If you don’t want to invest in language learning then you can choose to learn online. is one such website where you can literally take a complete course on any language for free. Register yourself, choose the language and you are all set to go. They teach you in lessons with the help of graphics and audios, which focuses on improving the reading and writing skills, simultaneously.
They also prepare weekly reports of your performance to encourage you to work harder.

3. Expand your skills.
Skills could be your swords in securing a good job. Having an extra talent can make you shine out of the crowd.
You can learn new skills by joining a short term course offered by various institutions. They instil practical knowledge along with the theoretical knowledge and they also help you to fetch excellent internships and jobs.
With everything being available on Internet, you can also choose to learn new skills online. Sites like coursera, skillshare, udemy offers online courses in various fields, which are designed by chosen experts.
From digital marketing to programming, you can learn anything online.

4. Watch documentaries and informative videos.
If you’re someone who likes to plug-in earphones and watch videos to enjoy free time, then you must watch documentaries.
They are prepared on relevant subjects and improve your historical knowledge. It also enhances your intelligence and makes you more confident with your general knowledge.
When you’re well updated about current affairs and historic events, you start making successful conversations with the people around you.

If documentaries don’t interest you, there are many other options too! TED talks are one of them, so inspirational and motivational. They help you to know the struggle behind achieving something extraordinary. These talks are delivered by the most successful people and the greatest speakers of all time. Their content is too informative and very interesting.
Other than that, YouTube is another huge platform. It is a pool of information and knowledge. You can subscribe to channels as per your choice and watch some amazing videos for free.

5. Explore the artist inside you.
If you’re someone who is creative and innovative, then this option is definitely for you!
In your free time, try sketching, drawing and painting and create some beautiful pieces of art.
Playing with brushes and colours will make you feel calm and it will also reduce your stress.
You can also learn drawing through YouTube tutorials.

Learning some DIYs is another option for you. You can make best out of the waste, create some wall hangings or room decor items and you can also prepare gift items like greeting cards or photo frames.
Best thing about DIYs is that they teach you the right technique to get things in order. Again, you can search them on YouTube or Google and invest your time in it.

All these things require efforts and dedication. You need to step out of your comfort zone to invest your time productively. Hope that these things will work for you and improve you as a person!
Do let us know what you do in your free time!



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