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5 Signs that You Need New Friends in Your Life!

5 signs that you need new friends in your life


5 Signs that You Need New Friends in Your Life!

‘Friendship’, a word revolving the whole world around its arena. ‘Friend-SHEEP’, a word that caters to something that makes you feel fooled, unsafe, cheated and isolated. Yes, there are these set of friends what makes ‘OUR’ World to ‘MY’ World.

The truth lies how well and swiftly we could understand and recognize to shift the gears rather being too late. There’s always that one point of time in your life that does not makes you change your favorite clothing kind of thing rather the whole wardrobe, this is what gives you a clear red signal to change the world of fanatic people you are dealing with.

For all those for whom friends are their only surviving S.I. Standard, beware of cats and dogs as it is sometimes better to deal your chances of survival with a wild animal than being tamed by a domesticated pet or a cunning wolf-like friend.

Here I present why you need to break all ice-breakers and start with a new set of a wonderful newbie and complementing the older cunning ones from your universal set of data. After you deserve to be with the best set of people around.


1. Fun Pun lost

Do you feel the same vigor you experienced when you met them after ages? Definitely, it’s not about the humor, but a sense of common grounds complimented with an equal presence of craziness. Maybe because you haven’t met since ages, but trust the thumb rule ‘What Once GONE is gone, Recovery is sheer utterly impossible.


2. The back-front game rather war

How many of us trusted our friends with all that plight and with all the concept of oneness and “sharing is caring” kind of thing? They exist. Bitterly, they do. There are those set of friends which will always have their two faces ready right in front of you to attack. They will have a good, positive, optimistic attitude while a face-to-face conversation. Behind your back they are the one who talks all the evils dealing with you and may be, they may tend to talk all that nonsense which don’t belong to you in any ways.


3. My want is a want your want is just want

They get upset when we deny or don’t follow things they want us to do. Their highest priority is their needs, wants, etc. Forget to care your wants as they don’t even bother about your necessities. Friends should always respect what their friends want but what if they don’t? These are the slow doses of depression and may indulge you deeper into strokes of it and insomnia.


4. Your Life goals just a piece of paper to be thrown into the dustbin

Just like a true pet who never betrays their master, there they are the ones who are always there to degrade your level of moral, this can be anything positive ‘change’ like fitness, health, food, etc. or your dream career you want to run with. Instead, they will always be like “This is not meant for you, you CAN’T do this or there’s no chance of you succeeding without even giving a shot of trial.


5. Good times: My Friend where are you? Bad times: who are you?

Be it a Bachelor’s party or a Regular teenage party, they are the one always there for you, enjoying all the single ticks of the clock with you praising all about the existence of their friendship and so and so on. To the times, when you actually are going through a phase where you need someone really yours to be with you even if you aren’t the same old YOU, you could be. They are the ones who always take the nearest train to their world making your bad times, the worse it can be.



Believe me, one fine day, you will find some real butterfly in your garden who would help you like a sib that will persist with you for your life. A life that makes you live the way you want it to be and you want to be with. Remember your parents and books are the biggest and all time companion you gotta have with you even if you fail, ‘Togetherness’ has a whole world of different feeling’.Make family rather friends/



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