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5 simple ways to stay motivated


5 simple ways to stay motivated

Motivation lies within you, sometimes you have to persuade yourself to stay motivated and sometimes it’s your self motivation that persuades you to work harder.

Here we have 5 tips for you to stay motivated even if you feel out of place:

1. Read motivational books.
Stories influence us the most. What we read, what we watch and what we listen, decides our thoughts.
There are many motivational and inspiration novels written by dignified authors. Alchemist is one such novel and honestly, it is worth reading! Each and every chapter has a lesson to inspire you. It is my personal favourite novel.
You can also read autobiographies of the successful people, like APJ Abdul Kalam. Their stories teach you how you can reach your milestone, being originated from a scratch. The struggles, the hardships of their lives will build your mental strength and they help you figure out the path from illusion to reality.

2. Appreciate your achievements.
Why do we always curse the failures we had? Let’s talk about the blessings this time.
You’ve had gone through so much disasters still you’re alive today and reading this article. This in itself is an achievement.
Do count your achievements, from little to huge. Baking the perfect cake is an achievement, scoring A grade is an achievement, to make people smile is also an achievement.
Trust me, when you will look at how far you’ve come and how much you’ve achieved in your life, you will be proud of yourself and it will motivate you to much extent.

3. Be confident about your plans.
Sketching your future endeavours increases their certainty. When you have a clear idea of what you are doing, how it will benefit you and how do you plan your life afterwards, gives you the courage and it boost your confidence.
Just like booking the tickets and reserving the accommodations before leaving for a trip can save you from the hassle, planning your plans well can also save you from stress and tensions!
Having a sure ambition motivates you and makes you believe in your abilities.

4. Connect with the people who trust your potential.
Have someone ever told you that you are capable of achieving everything you ever wish for? Is yes, then you must have experienced the sense of happiness it brings to you.
Talking to more of these people brings positive vibes and builds your mental strength. Friends and family plays a vital role in our lives, so make sure you choose your circle wisely.
Try to stay away from the people who put a question mark on your abilities as they can ruin your self-esteem.

5. Take a break sometimes.
“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”, is a hard hitting proverb.
Never be too immersed in your work that it shadows your identity. Take out sometime from your busy schedule to be the kindest and bubbly version of you.
From relaxing at a resort on weekends to cooking yourself a bowl of Maggi or your favourite food. You could also float on a swimming pool, binge watch any web series, enjoy a hot coffee while reading novel or meet your friends!
Do anything that sets you apart from your work and instil peace in your mind. It makes room for calmness and uplifts your spirit.

If hard work is the key to success, then motivation is the catalyst to it. So, if you plan to go the extra mile, stay motivated and have faith in yourself.
Tell us what you do to stay motivated when life puts you in tough situations!



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