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5 things you must consider before getting into a relationship.


5 things you must consider before getting into a relationship.

It takes a decision to get into a relationship but it takes dozen of things to keep that relationship going. If your decision turns out to be unfruitful, then it might take years for you to move on. Hence, it’s important to think twice before taking such decisions especially if you want a long term relationship.

Here are the 5 questions you must ask yourself before you accept any love proposal:

1. Are you ready for the commitment?
Relationship requires efforts and time. So you must know your priorities clearly. You might have certain goals or plans that won’t give you enough space to be in a relationship, or maybe next few years of your life are too hectic that you won’t be able to devote time to a relationship. If you agree to either case, then probably you are not ready for a relationship.
It’s okay to have priorities. Work on them, you can get into a relationship later.

You must have a clear answer to this question because it decides the growth of your relationship.

2. Is he the right guy for you?
Everyone has their own definition of a right guy.
For me, He is someone who sees your achievements as his achievements, who is trust worthy and who has a positive approach towards life.
Honesty, understanding, loyalty and support are the 4 things you must seek from your partner.
Don’t fall for a guy who don’t appreciate your success or growth, rather be with someone who constantly motivates you to pursue your goals and tries to bring out the best in you.
Initially, it’s possible that these things might not matter but later they define the peace and harmony of a relationship. So, make sure you are completely satisfied with the qualities of that person before making any commitments.

3. Are you looking for a rebound relationship?
Rebound relationships stem from a bad past. If you have had any bad past or if you had a breakup recently, then chances are you are looking for a new relationship just to come out of the previous one.
This relationship might be beneficial for you as it diverts your mind and gives you new memories, but it could be painful for your partner as you may lack emotions and affection towards him. Or constant comparison of your partner with ex can lead to absurd arguments every time.
Hence, you must heal the past wounds properly to start a new relationship. Give yourself enough time to grieve and mourn, only then you will be able to recover from it completely.

4. Are you tired of being single?
If loneliness is haunting you then getting into a relationship is not an escape. You’re only looking for someone to spend time with and to beat your boredom. But that’s not how a relationship works. It needs two people to enjoy togetherness no matter what the situations are.
So, you must not confuse companionship with a relationship.

5. What are your expectations from a relationship?
If you hero worship your partner and expects fancy things from a relationship then its necessary that your partner must be equally interested in the same.
Suppose if you expect frequent coffee dates, too many celebrations but your partner hardly gets free time except Sundays due to his work commitments, then this might disappoint you and sooner or later, you will wish to bring this relationship to an end.
So, you must understand what kind of relationship you want and you both should agree to the relationship plans.

Trust me, these are the important ingredients in the recipe of a successful relationship. The answers to these questions matters a lot, so don’t let those stupid quotes fool you. Choose wisely to live peacefully.
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