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7 kitchen ingredients you can make DIY Beauty recipes with!


7 kitchen ingredients you can make DIY Beauty recipes with!

Kitchen ingredients are the most accessible items for every woman. What we generally don’t realize is that they are not just to add flavour to the food, but can also enhance our beauty.

So, Read here the 7 kitchen ingredients that are loaded with beauty secrets:
1. Gram flour
Also known as besan, it is rich in Fibre, Iron, Potassium, Manganese, Copper, Zinc, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Folate, Vitamin B-6 and Thiamine. Hence, it is extremely beneficial for both skin and body.
It helps to get glowing, fairer and spotless skin.

DIY Recipe: Mix together 2tbsp. of gram flour with 1tbsp. of milk cream, half a tbsp. of lemon juice and 1tbsp. of rose water.
Apply this mixture on your face and neck and leave it to dry. Once completely dried, wash off with lukewarm water.
You will see visible results in one application.

2. Sugar
It is the most natural ingredient for exfoliation as the granules of sugar gently exfoliates the skin while opening pores for moisture. It makes skin soft and flawless.

DIY Recipe: Mix equal amount of honey and sugar. With the help of your fingers apply this on your face and massage it in circular motion until the sugar granules dissolves completely.
It will remove the dead skin cells and enhance your complexion.

3. Honey
It is known to lighten the skin and repair the skin tissues due to its antibacterial and bleaching properties.

DIY Recipe: Make a thick paste with oats and honey. Apply it in your face and let it dry. Then, wash off with normal water.
It will instantly make your face look bright.

4. Turmeric
It contains curcumin which prevents pigmentation in skin and helps to remove dark spots. It is known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

DIY Recipe: Mix 1tbsp. of honey, 1tbsp
of milk and 1/4tbsp. of turmeric. Apply on your face and neck and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Then, wash off.
It will improve your uneven skin tone and will also remove tan.

5. Fenugreek seeds
Commonly known as Methi Dana, it is loaded with protein and nicotinic acid, its helps to treat hair fall, dandruff and hair thinning. The seeds provide moisture to the hair and bring back the lustre and volume to the hairs.

DIY Recipe: Soak 2-3tbsp. of fenugreek seeds over night. Blend them with the help of water to make a smooth paste. Now, to this paste, add 2tbsp. of coconut milk and apply this mask on your hair and scalp. You can adjust the quantities of ingredients according to your hair length.
After you’ve applied this mask, cover your hair with a towel and leave it for half an hour. Then, wash off with mild shampoo.

6. Rice powder
As we all know, rice is rich in minerals and nutrients. It is widely used for skin whitening and lightening.

DIY Recipe: Mix together rice powder, honey and curd to make a smooth paste. Apply gently on your face and neck and leave it to try. Then, wash off with normal water.
Your skin will look soft and shiny.

7. Saffron
Also known as kesar, this aromatic spice is one the most prominent ingredients used in skin lightening creams. It possess therapeutic properties and potassium which helps to repair skin and soothes the skin.

DIY Recipe: Mix few strands of saffron with raw milk and lemon juice. Apply this evenly on your face and neck and leave it for 15minutes. While removing it, massage in circular motions.

So what are you waiting for? Grab any of these kitchen ingredients and give these DIY recipes a try. Please share your result in the comment section below.



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