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7 reasons why having a best friend is a blessing!


7 reasons why having a best friend is a blessing!

Being a writer myself, I still cannot find the right words to describe a best friend. The space they have in our lives is beyond infinity and the love they shower on us is immeasurable.

“People may come and go, but best friend stays with us forever.” Here are the reasons why they are so close to heart:

1. They never judge you but accept you the way you are.
While everyone finds a reason to point their fingers at you, on the basis of your habits, your decisions, your likes or your dislikes, it’s your best friend that accepts you with all your qualities and mistakes.
You can have totally different opinions from your best friend but still they always listen to you patiently. They give you the complete freedom to live your life the way you want.

2. They appreciate your achievements and motivate you in your failures.
When life gets hard, relationships get worsen. People either leave you or mock at you.
But a best friend? He/she always extend a helpful hand to get you out of the hardships. They stand with you, lend you a shoulder to cry and then make you laugh again. They constantly strive to bring a smile on your face.
Even in your achievements, they don’t see their competitor in you. But they appreciate your growth and inspires you do even better.

3. Dressing well before meeting them is not necessary.
Looks doesn’t matter to a best friend. All they need is your company to be with. You can jump to their house even in your night suits, you can go meet them with oil in your hair and no makeup on your face. So, you don’t need to think twice before knocking at their place.

4. They are always there to help, no matter what.
You are absolutely free to contact them 24×7 and they will always have your back. It is because you’re their priority.
They will keep aside their important work and even health, to help you out.
And the good thing is, they never expect anything in return. The most selfless creature, you’ll ever find in the journey of your life, would be your best friend.

5. You can trust them with your secrets.
No one knows 100% of your life except your best friend. There are certain things you hide from your siblings or your parents, but nothing remains hidden from your best friend.
From your crushes to your breakups, even the no. of times you failed a test or were punished at school, best friend knows everything.
And what you know is that they will never spill the beans! Your secrets are their secrets.

6. They give honest opinions.
Best friends never shy away from bringing the harsh truth to the table. If they feel that your partner is cheating on you, they will say it on your face. They give you reality check at times when you can’t differentiate between the real life and your own imaginary life.
Whether it’s about helping in your decisions or selecting your outfits, they never mask their thoughts.

7. You can be real with them, no artificial drama.
You can be the original version of you with them. You can cry like an emotional fool, you can laugh hilariously and you can shout at them too.
When you have a best friend, you don’t need to hug your pillow and cry silently at night. They let you express your expressions without feeling any guilt. When you’re crazy, even then they can handle your mess brilliantly.

I can actually write 100 reasons why I love my best friend and so can you because they are the most amazing souls.
Do share this article with them and tell them how they important they are to you.



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