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7 reasons why you should avoid using tampons


7 reasons why you should avoid using tampons

With the advancement of science, everything has modernised. The clothes you wear, the furniture of your home, the food you eat and the gadgets you use. Basically, every little thing now comes with a pool of varieties.
Then how can periods, “the girly thing”, be left behind? Companies introduced alternatives to pads too! Like tampons, menstrual caps, etc.
While tampons have reduced some problems associated with periods, like you can now even swim during your periods, but it also has some drawbacks.

Know about the 7 drawbacks of tampons below:

1. Toxic Shock Syndrome
If you leave your tampon in for more than 8 hours, then it can result in consequences like vomiting, high fever or rashes due to the growth of bacterium Staphylococcus aureus that flows into your bloodstream.

2. Not suitable for light periods
During the days of heavy flow, tampons are extremely useful but when your flow is not heavy but light, then taking out the tampon can be very painful as it will dry you out.

3. The process of insertion and removal is not that easy.
You need to be careful when inserting a tampon, as wrong insertion can lead to discomfort while sitting or standing. Similarly, while removing the tampon, you must be gentle with your hands. If you try to pull it out too hard, it may tear up your sensitive skin and could lead to immense pain.
Also, in case you fail to insert a tampon correctly, never try to reinsert the same tampon. Always use a fresh one.

4. The tampon string can catch infections easily.
Every time you swim while wearing tampons, the string absorbs chlorine and salt water. Such a string can easily cause skin infections.
Similarly, string can catch bacteria after you pee or poop and can also lead to urethra infections.

5. They cannot be used for your entire cycle.
Tampons come in different sizes and absorbing capacities. So, you need to change the size and type of tampon according to the flow.
If you use same sized tampon on repeated days, it can result in vagina irritation as your vagina may not get enough time to breathe.

6. Rayon in tampons is harmful.
Rayon produces dioxin, the most dangerous toxin. Wearing tampons that are made up of rayon can lead to endometriosis and infertility. It also causes bacterial infections.

7. Scented Tampons should be strictly avoided.
They make help you to smell better, but actually they cause bacterial vaginosis, which can make your vagina smell as bad as fish.
The chemicals present in scented tampons alter the pH level of your vagina and introduces a foul smell.

Be extra careful about your body and do consult any adult or gyeno before you start using tampons. Learn the right way, know the type of tampon suitable for you and go through the instructions carefully to avoid any negative consequences. Stay healthy and stay happy!



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