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7 reasons why you should make newspaper reading a habit.


7 reasons why you should make newspaper reading a habit.

During my school days, my teachers always insisted me to develop a habit of reading newspaper daily but hardly did I admit it’s importance. But today, when I have myself made it a habit, I could clearly notice a change in my personality and my vision. So, I decided to share with you all the impact of reading newspaper in our lives.

Read here the 7 reasons why you should make newspaper reading a habit:

1. A person with excellent general knowledge is always a winner of the conversation!
Doesn’t matter whether you belong to science stream, commerce stream or humanities stream, with good general knowledge you can easily make a path to shine among the crowd.
For example, in a popular television show, Kaun Banega Crorepati, they don’t reward you on the basis of theoretical knowledge, but general knowledge. Also, when you go for an interview, they hold group discussions on any social or political topic, so with your general knowledge, you can easily become a master to it.

2. It is the most economical way to improve your command over English language.
Make newspaper reading your habit and read at least 2-3 articles, you will see notable changes in your vocabulary, your reading skills and your sentence formation skills. There will be a significant improvement in your grammar too.
Actually, when you read articles in the newspaper, you come across so many new words, new phrases and new techniques to express your thoughts. So, you don’t need to join English speaking classes or read novels or watch Hollywood movies to improve your English if you read newspaper daily.

3. It can accelerate your chances of cracking any government exam.
If you’re an aspirant of government job then you’re surely familiar with the fact that the structure of such competitive exams is majorly occupied by the general knowledge section to test your social, political and economical knowledge. Hence, reading newspaper will never prove futile for you. What you read in newspaper today may fetch you an excellent rank in the exam tomorrow!

4. It keeps you well-informed about the events and development of your country.
Being a citizen of country, you should know about the current affairs, events happening around, updates around the world, political and social changes, upcoming projects and growth in economy, etc.
Newspaper contains such information in brief, assembled together in pages with headlines and categories to make it readable.

5. It is not only limited to general knowledge, it has more than you can imagine!
Newspaper also serves information on topics like personal grooming, career options in various fields, horoscope, sports, entertainment(covering reviews on movies, celebrity interviews and television updates), youth-based articles( exploring the city, hangout places, upcoming band sessions), healthcare tips and in fact it also has articles on life advices, motivation and confidence building.

6. It helps to sketch out the writer in you.
Newspaper is full of articles and reports and when you read such articles, you observe so many techniques and art of writing. You will always learn a new thing from each article or report that you read. And when you make it a habit of reading newspaper daily, your writing skills will eventually enhance. With the knowledge you will gain from newspaper, you can also make your writing pieces more descriptive and informative by including the facts and figures from the newspaper.

7. Newspaper reading keeps the mind sharp and improves concentration level.
When you read by yourself, your grasping power becomes strong because the text in front of you is your only focus to aim at. To make it clearer, suppose if you are watching a news channel on TV, then chances of your distraction are many- including advertisements and physical disturbances due to the person sitting next to you. But when you read, your mind is completely absorbing the text. This, way it improves your concentration level. Also, newspapers have Sudoku, crosswords that are designed to strengthen the mental ability of a reader and to make their mind sharper.

Best thing is, there is no disadvantage of reading a newspaper, there are only the advantages! So, there is no reason why you should not read a newspaper.
Do make newspaper reading your habit and to develop this habit, begin with reading articles that interest you and then start reading all the headlines at least and then you will finally make it a habit of reading newspaper.



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