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7 signs he is cheating on you


7 signs he is cheating on you

If you’re getting negative vibes from your partner or your intuitions says you’re not in a right relationship, then chances are he is cheating on you.

Check out for these shenanigans if you doubt your partner:

1. He uses your phone but when you ask for his phone, he denies.
This clearly means that he has some content in his phone which he doesn’t want you to see. It could be his conversations with other girls or his pics with the girls you’re unfamiliar with.
He refuses to give you his phone so that you can’t catch his secrets.

2. He makes excuses every time you ask him to meet up.
He repeatedly tells you that he has pending work to do and hence cannot come to meet you. Even if you plan a coffee date in advance, he cancels it at the end moment with an excuse attached.
It probably means that you’re no more his priority.

3. He hides his whereabouts from you.
He doesn’t tell you where he is going or where he was the whole day. He changes the direction of the conversation whenever you ask him about his location. This clearly indicates that he is dating other girl.

4. He lies to you.
Even after you asking him about something a few times, he tells you lie and then you get to discover the truth about him from his friends, later.
Lie could be silly or major, but that fact that he is lying to you is a sign of cheat as it ruins the trust.

5. His schedule has suddenly become “too hectic”.
He used to talk to you for hours, but now whenever you call him he is busy in his work and yells at you for disturbing him. He finds no time for you and pretends to be occupied with his work the entire day and even at night.

6. He is not ready to announce about your relationship.
He has still not updated his relationship status on social accounts and even tells his friend that he is single! Or he is not ready to make commitments and postpone it every time you expect a proposal from him side.

7. He creates an issue over every silly thing.
His “once very understanding and extremely polite” nature is nowhere to see now. He argues with you at pointless things and then, put the blame on you instead of feeling guilty.
Somehow, it is a sign that he is no longer happy with you. Either he wants to come out of the relationship or he has found some other source of happiness (You know what I mean).

These signs are definitely not the foolproof signals that guarantee the loyalty of your partner, but if 4 out of them are correct, then you definitely need to investigate into the matter and take right action towards it.
Always know that life doesn’t end with a breakup, so if he is cheating on you, it’s better to separate your ways. You will soon find a better person for yourself who will win your heart with his loyalty.



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