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7 things to take care of while you’re wearing lens.


7 things to take care of while you’re wearing lens.

Lenses are so in trend today, those who used to wear specs, have switched to contact lenses and for others, coloured lenses are more like a fashion accessory. Even bridals these days are adding a western touch to their Indian attire through coloured lenses.

While you put on your pair of lens to rock your college look, office look or party look; we have got some precautions for lens you should know:

1. Never wear lens while swimming or taking shower.
Swimming pools and tap water foster an organism called acanthamoeba, which causes eye infection. When you wear contact lens while swimming or showering, it can cause serious eye infections.

2. If you apply makeup, then you must know-
Always wear lenses before you apply makeup as any oil, lotion or cream if rubbed against lenses, can cause them to create disturbance. And its common that sometimes while wearing a lens, it falls off on our face. So, the chances of getting rubbed against makeup are high. To avoid this, wear lens before the makeup.
Remember: Put on lens before the makeup and remove it before you wipe off your makeup.

3. Keep your nails short if you are a lens wearer.
Wearing lens is a technique of hands and obviously, tip of the fingers plays a vital role.
Especially when you have to remove your lens, you have to actually pinch the lens with your index finger, which can be smooth only with trimmed nails.
Long nails can in fact tear the sensitive lens.

4. Do not go to sleep when you’ve lenses on.
Sleeping with lenses in your eyes creates lack of oxygen in the eye. As a result, it causes many eye problems like corneal neovascularisation, corneal microcysts, CLARE (Contact Lens Acute Red Eye) and the most dangerous, corneal ulcer as it could result in loss of vision.
So, never be too lazy to remove those lenses before you sleep.

5.  Know the Right technique.

It’s important to learn the right method to apply and remove the lens. First and the foremost thing is, always use lens solution to clean them and to store them. Always clean your lens before you wear them and never forget to clean them after removing them. Also, change the lens solution in your lens case every time you wear lens.

Store your lens in a clean lens case.


6. Ditch your lenses after the recommended time.

Each pair of lens comes with an expiry date. While some lenses are to be disposed the same day, while some can last for a week or a month. Always ask your optometrist about the validity of lens. Never wear expired lenses as they can cause irritation in eyes. Similarly, use fresh lens solution, it has an expiry date too, some gets expired after three months from the date of opening while some expires within a month. Read the details carefully mentioned on the solution bottle and never use expired solution.

7. Protect your eyes

If you work around dust or in a polluted environment, wear protective eyewear so that the dust particles don’t disturb your eyes. For example, if you are a College student and attend chemistry labs, then you must wear safety lab glasses as the fumes evolved during reactions can affect your lenses.

Even if you’re stepping out during day time when sunlight is on the peak, wear Sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays.

Tip: Try not to wear lenses during a flight as eyes tend to dry out due to dry atmosphere in the plane.

Precaution is always better than cure, So, make sure you follow these tips to take care of your eyes as they are very sensitive and even a minor carelessness can lead to fatal consequences.

Share these tips with your friends and tell them how much you care about them.



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