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9 Style Tips On A Shoestring Budget!


9 Style Tips On A Shoestring Budget!

If you’re anything like Me (and I am guessing you are), then you’re always looking for ideas to look stylish while not burning a hole in your wallet. From re-purposing old belts to getting creative with your layering, here’s our latest installment of styling tips your wardrobe

Looking Fashionable doesn’t have to be a costly Affair. From re-purposing old belts to getting creative with your layering, check out our latest, fab and chic installment of styling tips that your wardrobe and wallet are gonna love!

You can thank us later.


1. Go with dainty jewelry.

Image result for go with dainty jewellery always judging

Image Credits: SHEfinds
Got a tight Jewelry Budget? No worries! Opt for these stunningly beautiful pieces of dainty jewelry rather than bulky original Gold/Platinum Jewelry.
Whether real or fake, simple and delicate jewelry will create more elegant and thoughtful Fashion statement than your typical Original and costly piece.

2. Ditch the chain.

2. Ditch the chain.
Image Credits: WhoWhatWear

Ditch the metal chains. The metal chains that come with inexpensive bags and hook on both sides can easily cheapen the look.

We suggest that you get rid of those chains and hooks and carry the bag as a clutch. It will give a sleeker, more sophisticated look. Go on, give it a try!


3. Go monochrome.

3. Go monochrome.

You actually don’t have to buy luxurious clothes to look Luxe! An easy (and free) way to look Splendid is to wear a monochrome outfit. You can opt for all black or white or even hue, but. stick to one color for both. Sticking to one color will tie your outfit together in a way that looks way expensive and Sumptuous!


 4. Opt for Pants.

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Image Credits: Pinterest

Breathe new life into an old mini or midi dress by layering it over a pair of jeans or trousers. We bet this will sell you on the look.


5. Put Your Scarves to Use.

Image result for put your scarves vanessa jackman
Image Credits: A Love Is Blind 

We bet, that like every other girl, you too have a sizeable scarf collection. Why not put your old (and new) scarves to use by wearing them in a Unique, offbeat style, such as around your wrist, head, or as a belt.


6. Knot Your Belt.

6. Knot your belt.
Image Credits: WhoWhatWear

If you also have a collection of old, cheap belts that probably came attached to dresses and rompers, this is for you. Try knotting them, and you’ll be amazed how much more expensive they instantly look, along with your entire outfit.


7. Look for Vintage.

Image result for look for vintage a love is blind
Image Credits: Pinterest
Graphic T-shirts are one wardrobe staple where we can say, the older the better (just as long as there are no holes, of course). With a quick trip to your local thrift shop, you can score an amazing vintage one for as little as a few bucks. Wear it with everything from jeans to a tailored suit for a cool upgrade.

8. Try Camel.

Image result for try camel vanessa jackman
Image Credits: A House in the Hills
Fact: Everything looks more expensive in camel. Not only that, but the color is on-trend for spring and super easy to find even in budget-friendly stores!

9. DIY Denim.

9. DIY Denim.

Image Credits: WhoWhatWear

Take a Pass on that Perfectly tailored jeans in the store. Iknow it’s hard but trust Me that with just a few alterations, vintage jeans, less expensive styles, or pairs you already own can by tailored to fit perfectly to compliment your chic looks!


What’s Your Style tips for us on shoestring budget? Do share with us in the comment section.



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