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Which is the BEST Alcoholic Drink for Women According to Science! Let’s Find Out!



Which is the BEST Alcoholic Drink for Women According to Science! Let’s Find Out!

★ “Born in captivity, I need to breathe but am not alive.
I can be young or old can not die…”
★ “ Apples are red, marshmallows are white you could
use this in cooking but most don’t.”
★ “ Young or old, i have to breathe before my true
personality can be seen.”


If you’re thinking red wine your thought is right!
Who doesn’t love a glass of red wine? Be it a summer night or a chilly day, we all love to have that classy red wine glass in our hand.

Well, the cherry on the cake is, red wine has a lot of health benefits, that we really did not know about. It helps in a lot of things, and that is why I feel it is the best alcohol to consume, but only is healthy when consumed in limits.

Well… here are the Health Benefits which You will Get from Drinking Wine


1. Get Your dose of Powerful Antioxidants

Red wine contains antioxidants. They slow down aging. They also help in preventing us from diseases like diabetes (type2)
Having one to two glasses of wine every day, helps us reduce a lot of diseases of the elderly.
Resveratrol an antioxidant present in the red grape skin in the red wine provides anti-aging benefits. It speeds up the production of a protein which prevents diseases and controls aging in the human body.


2. Become Slimmer

Resveratrol in red wine helps us in getting slim by preventing the development of fat cells. This happens due to a chemical compound which is converted from resveratrol known as the piceatannol which binds to insulin receptors of the fat cells and blocks the pathways for the immature fat cells to grow and mature.


3. Prevents Cancer and is Good for Your Heart

It is said that 3 to 4 times a week having 1 to 2 wine glasses, starves the nascent cancer cell.
One of the antioxidants known as Quercetin prevents lung cancer. Another antioxidant called resveratrol, can kill cancerous cells, and help in protecting the heart.
Polyphenols another antioxidant found in red wine help in lowering the bad cholesterol and keeping the blood vessels flexible. It also helps in preventing unwanted clotting.
Moreover, the flavonoids & saponins found in red wine can also help you in protecting your heart against some
cardiovascular diseases.
It is also said that researchers found that women who drank red wine had higher levels of aromatase inhibitors, which are used to treat breast cancer, due to the chemicals in the skin of the grapes used for making red wine.


4. Keeps the Cold & Flu at bay!

The antioxidants in wine also help in dealing with infection. They also protect the cells against the effect of free radicals.

The antioxidants help us by keeping us healthy when we are sick. Hence, we are cold-free especially during winters, just by our favorite drink.


5. Keeps the Brain Healthy

The antioxidant we spoke about called the ‘ resveratrol ‘ can be a key towards keeping our memory sharp. It prevents the formation of a protein that is said to be in the brain of a patient suffering from Alzheimer’s, known as the
beta-amyloid protein.


6. Controls Blood Sugar Level & Lowers Cholesterol

The skin of the red grape (natural compound) that is a source of the resveratrol can help indicating the blood sugar.
High-fiber Tempranillo grapes – often used to make some red wines, and can have a considerable effect on the cholesterol levels.


7. Good For Your Eyes and Teeth

Red wine can harden your enamel to avoid tooth decay. When our enamel is harder, it strongly resists tooth decay by
fighting against the bacteria called Streptococcus bacteria that live on our teeth and are responsible for such dental

Also, the polyphenols present in red wine helps in preventing gum diseases and lowers the inflammation in our gums.

A recent study clearly proved that the drinkers of red wine as compared to the nondrinkers are safer from risk of
Of course, it has a lot of benefits. But do not mistake me. I am not saying that it does not harm us at all.

As we know, an excess of anything is very bad. It is beneficial when it is taken in limited amounts.
It is stated in many pieces of research and reports that women need to be careful about the amount of alcohol they consume.

It is said that alcohol increases the chances of breast cancer in women. We really really need to be careful about taking just the right amount, as there is a very thin line between it being beneficial and healthy and it being harmful and risky.

And we really need to measure that line carefully for our sake.


It is said that 1 to 2 glasses a day, and just three to four days a week proves to be beneficial for women.

With all the information provided about our favorite drink, i know each woman is sensible in its own way to know their limit. They do know how to figure the thin line that I spoke about above. They know what and how much will help them in the future, and how much will harm them.
Anyone taking alcohol in excess capacity should know the risk of breast cancer for women is 10% which raises up to 15% or more depending on the alcohol consumed. I again repeat, an excess of anything is not good.
I would suggest everyone not to over do to seek extra benefits as you never know what happens. But yes, as proven by many pieces of research and studies, red wine is really beneficial in anti-aging, curing various diseases, etc.

With all the happiness provided to most of the women by this article, I would like to end by saying…

A glass of red wine a day keeps the doctor away. 😉


Agree? Disagree? Do Let us know in the Comment.




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