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How to Cope up with Anxiety when You are alone!

How to cope up with anxiety when you are alone


How to Cope up with Anxiety when You are alone!

From time to time everyone must have experienced anxiety in his /her mental state. Feeling stressed before an exam, performance or even you are busy with a schedule, experiencing anxiety is common.

Chronic anxiety is more than simple stress. A closer examination of anxiety is very necessary. You need to kick it off as soon as possible. No one wants to live with anxiety.

If you are feeling anxious and panic attacks are starting it makes difficult for you to maintain your emotional and physical stability. It is the right time for you to take up the strategies that will help you to cope up with anxiety.

Professional help is the best help you can consider. There are numerous therapists and counselors who will help you in healing your anxiety. Anxiety can be seen as a mental health disorder, which can relate to worrying, panic attacks, social anxiety and even obsessive compulsive disorder.

It is important to deal with anxiety as soon as possible. Anxiety can be dealt very easily. You just have to bring some changes in your lifestyle to avoid some of the most common anxiety behavior and have to be ready to accept the changes that occur.


Things that You should Avoid in Anxiety

The first question that arises in everybody’s mind is how to avoid. Many of them don’t realize that they are contributing to their anxiety by themselves. So, controlling anxiety needs only a few measures to cope it with:



I f you want to remove your anxiety you need to take action, but anxiety or stress makes you feel dejected. Sometimes, it’s good to spend time with your own thoughts but when this becomes a habit, it becomes your enemy when you have anxiety.

So the remedy is that you make yourself distracted, you stay active and try to be as social as possible, as these habits are important.


Bad Foods

Diet plays a very important role in one’s life, and so does it play a role in anxiety. People who have panic attacks should avoid caffeine, refined sugars, fattening foods, alcohol and fried foods as these increases the chances of anxiety.

Though eating habit don’t usually “cause” anxiety but it makes the situation worse and if the symptoms of our anxiety become worse it will bother you more.


Anxiety producing stimuli

Anxiety is a mixed condition. The more anxiety you experience in your daily life the situation gets worse for you more. For this you should avoid seeing horror movies, dark alleys at night, spending time with people that are reckless, anything that causes anxiety and its symptoms getting worse should be dejected.


Tools to Help You Cope with Anxiety

One of the key factor to remember about anxiety coping is that coping anxiety happens inside you.  Are various strategies that can cure you through anxiety, but the help for anxiety forever is your mental strength? Everyone has it, but it often requires taking care of your body and re-training it as was before, so that it can react to anxiety and stress.

Still, there are measures that can help you to cope up with anxiety and its symptoms:


1. Making lifestyle changes

Eliminate anxiety including food/drink from your diet: AS said before that changing what you in digest daily can have a huge impact on your anxiety problems.

If you notice that you are feeling anxious, panic attacks are coming regularly try to implement dietary changes like if you drink coffee, switch to tea or just water for few weeks to avoid alcohol as quickly as possible.


2. Change Your Eating Habits

Enhancing foods into your diet: You should always keep yourself healthy with a balanced diet and you can go long way towards adjusting your mood in right direction.

If you eat right nutrients at right time your body will be able to vanish up all anxiety symptoms. To avoid all negative mental health effects of coffee, alcohol, and sugar tries to substitute it with fruits and veggies.


3. Try to exercise daily

Studies have reflected that if regular exercise is being done, it removes everyday anxiety problems and will also help you in treating anxiety related disorders. It gives you immense relaxation both when you are exercising and for hours afterward.

Exercises such as running or bike riding as well as weight training all exercises helps in reducing anxiety.


4. Do Something You Love

Anxiety often occurs when you don’t get the chance to deviate yourself from life problems. So, take out at least 10 minutes from your daily routine and do something that you love to do, practice your hobby or perform your pastime activity which brings you peace and believe me it will help to remove your tension immediately and in long run as well.


5. [email protected] home with Friends and Family

Home is the best place to be free. So, leave all your worries and tension, enjoy each and every moment with your friends and family members.

Make sure you give yourself a surplus amount of time to spend with those who are closest to you, in non-stressful scenarios.


6. Don’t Overwhelm Yourself

Don’t overburden yourself. This means that if you are bringing your work from office to home and then stress about it or students bringing their school paper and becoming anxious about it, you are likely creating anxiety by yourself.

Keep the schedule of your necessary activities and cut out everything and spend some time with yourself as well.


7. Get Lots of Sleep

Make sure you sleep for 7-9 hours every night. A lack of sleep can cause severe anxiety which can bring up worried thought and make anxiety problems worse.


Dealing with Anxiety using Mental Tactics


1. Resist the Sources of Anxiety You can’t Control

There are various situations that induce anxiety and it is helpful if you write it down what makes you anxious and take steps to confront it. You have to look out all the flexible side of anxiety-inducing situations.


2. Don’t Use the Sources of Anxiety that You Can’t Control

If any situation makes you anxious try to avoid it. It is OK. If you think you can’t fly, it’s fine, you should know your restrictions, it will be better you drive. Know your limits and practice self-preservation.


3. Try to visualize

This is a process through which you can clear your mind which consumes anxiety-related thoughts and images by peaceful thoughts and pictures.

Try to visualize those things in which you feel you are safe and relax.  As you focus on details, your mind will deviate in the place of your imagination.


4. Ask for help

Talk about anxiety, it’s very much helpful. Open up to your spouse or friends for advice and ask them for help and tell them how you feel. Sometimes just putting your feelings into words can take a lot of stress away.


Treating your anxiety medically


1. See a therapist

The best medication can be given by a psychologist or a psychiatrist. It is very difficult to treat anxiety disorder without the help of doctors, and the sooner you see the doctor faster you will be recovered.


2. Explain your anxiety to a doctor

Be frank with therapist and psychiatrist and tell each and every problem to them as they are well aware of all the mental illness symptoms. Be specific and clear.


3. Consider anti-anxiety medications

Medication may contain side-effects, so before jumping towards medication, try methods such as therapy, exercise, and mental strategies and then go for medication which can reduce anxiety.


4. Try a natural remedy

Herbs, teas can be useful in reducing your anxiety. Try them as they are soothing and will decrease your tension and worries.


You need to avoid falling back into your old anxiety habits.  A hard commitment is required when you are coping with anxiety.

So if you assume that you have corrected your anxiety problem and then you get back to your previous habits it will harm you more. Dealing with anxiety is the first level towards curing it but eventually, you need to cure it all together till the end.




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