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Do’s and Don’ts to keep yourself safe indoor and outdoor.


Do’s and Don’ts to keep yourself safe indoor and outdoor.

It’s important to be aware of your surroundings and to stay alert to the possible dangers or potentially threatening situations. So always be sensitive to body language, gestures and behaviour, even of those you know.

Read carefully these following Do’s and Don’ts to make yourself more safe and confident indoor and outdoor:

1. While trying to get into your car, in case if you’re attacked, throw away your car keys as far as you can and run in opposite direction.

2. If you’re travelling in an auto or taxi, especially during night, call your friend or a family member and tell them the details of the vehicle you’re travelling in. Make sure that the driver notices your gesture.

3. If you see someone following you, change your direction and move towards a busy public place.

4. While using an elevator, if you find someone suspicious, press the buttons of each floor so that you can easily escape.

5. Always save emergency numbers on your phone, including helpline for women – 1091.
Do download applications on your phone so that you can raise the alert and call people for app. “Himmat plus” app is one such app launched by Delhi Police.

6. Always lock your car from inside while travelling at night.

7. Shout, scream and run out for help at the slightest suspicion, raise an alarm or act intelligent to scare away the attacker.

8. In your purse, always carry items like pepper spray or strong flash light to protect yourself. You can also use handbag, pen or a book as a weapon too. In addition to this, keep identity card in your purse so that your identity can be established in case of an accident.

9. Learn to use your elbow, knees and fingernails as these are the strong point of women. You can also learn helpful techniques from self defence programme being conducted everywhere by Delhi Police these days.

10. You should know vulnerable points of the male anatomy in case you have to use force, these are mainly groin, throat, eyes and knees.


1. When you’re walking on a road, do not wear earphone and don’t be engrossed in a phone conversation.

2. Avoid to join protests or crowds unless you are in a strong multi gender group, molestation is a common complaint at such events.

3. Do not make unnecessary eye contact with strangers, but when doing so display confidence. Exchanging frequent glances with strangers can be misinterpreted.

4. Try not to show unnecessary sympathy for a stranger. In case if you find someone who genuinely needs your help, contact nearest PCR.

5. Do not use ATMs to draw money at night or in early morning hours when alone.

6. Do not wear expensive jewellery when alone. If you are returning from an event, remove the jewellery and keep it safe in your bag instead of displaying it while travelling.

7. Do not accept food or drinks from strangers especially while travelling.

8. Never accept lifts offered by strangers and avoid travelling in vacant public transport system especially at night.

9. On your social accounts, do not add strangers. Also, never share that you are alone at home or you are travelling in night alone, on social media platforms.

10. Do not drive after consuming alcohol or allow your male companion to do so.

Stay safe, listen to your gut instincts and act intelligently. Never hesitate in raising an alarm because if you ignore it once, it will only encourage the person towards more objectionable conduct later.

Share these safety tips with your female friends and help them stay safe.



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