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Simple Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hairs!

Simple Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hairs


Simple Hacks to Add Volume to Your Hairs!



BLESSED are the people who have a thick volume of hairs!

But what about the people like Me who are missing a thick, gorgeous, bouncy hairs on their head?

Don’t worry! Check out these Awesome hair hacks that will change the life of your hairs forever!


1. Avoid Using Conditioners on Your Roots

Yes yes, I know conditioner is good for our hair. It makes them soft and silky. That is true, but ONLY when it is applied to the ends.

Using conditioner on the scalp/roots of your hair makes them greasy and sticky, giving them a very oily texture. And of course, who likes the oily look? Yikes!

Also, it should be made sure, when the conditioner is applied to the ends as well, you better take it off properly if you don’t want your hair to be harmed.


2. Volume Hair Spray

Before styling your hair, always apply a good volume hair spray. It gives you a bouncy thick look instead of the flat hair looked.

L’oreal volume spray is said to be one of the best.


3. Tease Your Hairs

You should always divide your hair into numerous sections. Patiently you should start combing each section in the backward direction. It will help in adding a lot of volume to your hair as it makes them puffy.


4. Homemade Hair Volumizer

One can try making and using a homemade volumizer since it is obviously difficult to trust what people say, as everyone suggests a different product. Sometimes, some product suits one’s hair but doesn’t suit the other’s hair.

It is best, in that case, to make it at home with two simple readily available ingredients. Mix 1 Part conditioner with 1 part of Epsom Salt.


5. Avoid Flat iron

A lot of us make this mistake of flat ironing our hair without realizing it.

We always iron in the downward directions normally. Not many of us are aware of the fact that in that way we are flat ironing our hair. That means that kind of ironing gives your hair a flat and soft look, not what we desire.

We should always iron in the upward direction i.e. take your hair strand towards the ceiling and then iron it.

This gives our hair a puffy volumized look.

In short, it’s an instant 5 minutes way to give our hair volume.


6. Tie Your hairs in a different style to give them more Volume

You can try the TAIL LIFT.

In this, you just have to make a pony in a slightly different way.

This again is an instant way to provide you with volumized hair, when you’re in the pony mood.



And then there’s one LONGER FULLER PONYTAIL

It just takes a minute to make your pony look fuller and much longer.




6. Rollers at the Crown

You can add simple volume to your hair just by using rollers at your crown.




7. Use a Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo gives the hair the much-needed lift and the volumized texture.

It really uplifts the hair and makes it perfect just how you like it.

It is best to be used at night for a perfect “ I woke up like this “ and “ I don’t have bad hair days “ look.


These are some super easy ways to add some volume to the hair.


Last but not the least, here are some tips that every Girl need to follow if they don’t want their hairs to go thin!


1. Always keep your roots clean

If your hair is dry, DO NOT over shampoo. Some people think that doing shampoo frequently makes your hair nice and healthy. NO, overdoing anything is bad. It leads to hair fall and eventually leads to thin hair.

Just use Shampoo 2-3 times a week. 


2. Take care of your scalp

Give time to your scalp. Go for treatments, masks, head massages etc. These things help in growing new hair. Avoid using chemicals and bleaches, it harms the scalp making roots week resulting in hair fall.


3. Don’t Overbrush

Do not over brush your hair, as it leads to a hair fall. Don’t brush while your hairs are wet. Don’t pull your hairs if they are tangled, you are not in a fight zone. Show some Love!


4. Eat Healthy

You should always try to eat Nutritious and Healthy Food. Not eating the right kind of food and having an unhealthy diet can make our body lack some very important micronutrients which can lead to thinning of hairs, wearing of roots and hair fall.


5. Avoid Stress

If you take the stress, get anxious, and have a disturbed lifestyle, it leads to hair fall, one should always try to stay calm and relaxed. 


6. Cut your Hairs

You should always get a good haircut and take good care of your hair. Like removing split ends, getting regular trimming, etc.


7. Take vitamins

Vitamins are good for your hair. Try to take them naturally in the form of fruits but if you really (I mean really) hate fruits, you can opt for Supplements. Vitamins and Minerals are essential for Healthy Hairs.



I hope you make sure and take good care of your hair, stay pretty and always remember :




How do You add volume to your hairs? Got some tips? Do share with us in the comment section!




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