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The ultimate 25 songs you can dedicate to your friends, this Friendship Day!


The ultimate 25 songs you can dedicate to your friends, this Friendship Day!


The ultimate 25 songs you can dedicate to your friends, this Friendship Day!

As soon as the month of August begins, we wait for the first Sunday as its marks the Friendship Day!
While restaurants are throwing friendship day discounts, television channels are streaming friendship movies, you and your friends are planning the celebration, I have got a list of best songs on friendship, you can dedicate to your friends and tell them how special they are!

Read here the choicest 25 songs on Friendship:

1. Daaru Desi

Movie: Cocktail
The song speaks in volume the feeling of friendship. How friendship makes you feel crazy, joyous and dwindling. Thanks to the lyricist, who has translated the madness and intoxication of friendship into words.

  1. Tera yaar hoon main

Movie: Sonu ke titu ki sweety
The lyrics of this song will definitely touch your heart and each word will filter through your eyes. The song defines a friendship that is beyond all the circumstances and the test of time. It speaks of childhood friendships and beautiful promises.

3. Yaara teri yaari ko

Song By: Rahul Jain
The song “Tere jesa yaar kahan” is recreated by Rahul Jain as “Yaara teri yaari ko“. The song has received appreciation and love from youth in millions and it is a beautiful friendship song.

4. Jaane kyun

Movie: Dostana

But when u smile for me World seems all right” The lyrics of this song will make you smile and love your friend even more.

5. Hai junoon

Movie: New York

The song will drive you to live your life to the fullest with your friends, celebrating every moment and rejoicing the melody of life.

6. Yaaron

Song By: KK
The song has been celebrating the friendship from many years. It defines how important a friend and his friendship is to live a joyful life! It makes you realize how incomplete your life is without a friend.

7. Tu hi toh meri dost hai

Movie: Yuvraaj
One of the best song to make your friend feel special. The lyrics are designed to take you away in the heavenly world, full of love, peace and beauty.

8. Count on me

Song By: Bruno Mars
When you dedicate this song to your friends, you make promises to them through this song. You tell them that they will find you in darkness and in hardships of life. The music of this song is so soothing and lyrics, beautiful!

9. Yaari Yaari

Movie: Purani Jeans

The song is fun-filled and defines the essence of friend. It speaks of the memories, the madness and the silly fun friends have together.

10. Atrangi Yaari

Movie: Wazir

Just listen to this song once and you will fall in love with the lyrics and the music. You will surely dedicate this song to your friend without giving a second thought because this song itself speaks everything you always wanted to tell your friend.

11. Manja

Movie: Kai Po Che

The song defines friendship as a string of relation and it promises to untangle such strings. The lyrics will help you channelize your passion and each line of the song will make you celebrate togetherness.

12. Teri Meri Dosti

Song By: Darshan Raval

Sung together by two friends, Darshan Raval and Suyyash Rai, the song is full of life and energy. The lyrics have touched every aspect of friendship, the mistakes we commit with friends, the fun we have and their importance in our lives.

13. Har ek friend zaroori hota hai

Song By: Airtel
Thanks to Airtel for gifting us this beautiful friendship song. It tells us how each and every friend is important no matter they are crazy, stupid, lazy or confused! Every friend plays an important role in our lives.

14. Nazrein milaana Nazrein churaana

Movie: Jaane tu ya jaane na

If you’ve watched this movie, then you are already a fan of this song. But if you have still not watched, go watch it! It is all about friendship and fun.

15. Yaariyan

Movie: Cocktail
If you are looking for an emotional song, then this one is for you. The song mainly speaks of the departure of friends and the lyrics define the vacuum, their absence will create in your life.

16. Chatte Batte

Movie: Chillar Party
You might not find this song in any of the friendship based playlist, but I personally love this song. Lyrics are simple but so practical. They will definitely take you back to your childhood. My favourite lines from this song are, “Yeh to holi ke rang hain, alag hain par sang hain
Chehre pe chalke to sab lage ek se.

17. Tu mera bhai nai hai

Movie: Fukrey returns
The song is based on bromance. The lyrics cover the fun boys have together and the bond they share with each other which does not need any formalities or promises.

18. Life sahi hai

Movie: Pyaar ka punchnama
Again a boyish friendship song. The song tells how friendship makes life easy and joyful. Lyrically,” Yaari ka Cooker” makes them shout “Life Sahi hai”.

19. Yeh dosti hum nahi todenge

Movie: Sholay
The song needs no explanation, I guess. The song name and the movie speaks everything about it.
You will also love the remake of this song by Rahul Jain.

20. Veere

Movie: Veere di wedding
For all my girls out there, this song is for you! This song is also titled as the “Friendship Anthem” of 2018.

21. Har ek friend kamina hota hai

Movie: Chashme Baddoor
A youthful version of the song, har ek friend zaroori hota hai, it has modified the lyrics into hilarious and fun. The song is perfect to dedicate to your partners in crime!

22. Assi vele

Movie: Student of The Year.
The song is packed with fun filled lyrics and dancing beats. Dedicate this song to your friends and remind them of your college life memories!

23. School ke din

Movie: Always Kabhi Kabhi

Passed out from your school and already missing your school friends? Dedicate this song to them and take them back to the school times.

24. I feel good

Movie: Anjaana Anjaani
The song may look like a love song, but trust me, once you will go through the lyrics, you will find it appropriate to dedicate it to your friends. The song describes the happiness and thrill a friend brings in your life.

25. Tum hi ho bandhu

Movie: Cocktail
My list would have been incomplete without this song. It defines companionship and the role of friend in our lives. The lyrics, Tu Jeet Meri Jag Haar Meri Main Hoon Hi Nahi Iss Duniya Ki, say it all!

Dedicate any of these songs to your friends this friendship day and tell them how important they are and how much you love them!
Share with us your favourite friendship songs in the comment section below.



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