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Tips on how to keep a relationship going.


Tips on how to keep a relationship going.

Why is it always that only the phase of falling in love feels beautiful? Suddenly things begin to change after we commit a relationship. A silly topic may give growth to a huge argument, the time issues begin to bother us, the qualities of our partner disturb us and we get frustrated with the relationship.
Actually, relationships are delicate to handle and it depends upon the partners, how they manage to stick to it. Either they decide to part ways or they can stand by each other no matter what the situations are.

To help you save your relationship, I have got some tips on how to keep a relationship going. Read them below:

1. Discuss your problems with your partner.
Every relationship has some problems, there are grudges, disappointments and issues. But how you tackle is what that matters.
If you don’t like a habit of your partner or you are disappointed with any of his gesture, tell him in clear words. Instead of telling your friends and collecting their mixed opinions, which might upset you, tell the problems directly to your partner because only they can explain their side and convince you.
Also, don’t hesitate to discuss problems. If you try to keep them to yourself just, they will only keep bothering you and one day, they will outburst and will lead to a disheartening argument. So, it’s better to talk about your problems.

2. Give time to relationship.
Generally, we tend to talk for hours during the initial days of a relationship, but as the months passes, we shorten the time of conversations.
We somehow had this thought that it’s not the quantity that matters, but the quality. Though this is absolutely true, but quantity matters too.
Communication gap creates misunderstandings and sometimes you miss out the important things you need to tell your partner. Somewhere between the process, their importance in your life begins to fade because you are no more habitual of talking to them.
Even if you have busy schedules, the best solution is to mutually decide a time slot when you both are free and then talk to each other during that time daily.

3. Act before your exciting relationship turns into a boring one.
We must not stop making efforts in relationship with the maturity of time. Keep surprising your partner and plan some celebrations.
When you give a gift or flowers to your partner, it really makes them happy from inside. Even little efforts could be significant and these efforts reflect their importance in your lives. Not does it keeps the relationship going but also brings you two closer and it also gives you a fair chance to spend some quality time together.

4. Do not take relationship as a responsibility.
Things begin to change when you don’t connect them with your heart. Responsibility is forceful sometimes and it leaves you with no option but to manage it reluctantly.
So, relationship should never become a responsibility as it will put a burden on your shoulders and it will disturb your peace.
As a result, it gives birth to the idea of Break-up. You start concluding every argument with the decision of breakup which is enough to ruin a relationship.
Do make relationship your choice not a responsibility.

5. Never Compare.
Each and every relationship is completely different and they cannot be compared at all because it’s only your relationship you get complete access to. Else, you get to see only the visible side of relationships around you and that’s why they look so cute and happy.
So, stop comparing your relationship with any other relationship. Also, you must not compare your partner with your friend’s partner.

6. Express your love.
Hearing “I love you” feels pleasant every time, from age 18 to age 80, it will always bring a smile on your face whenever your partner will express their love for you.
You also should equally participate. Never stop yourself from expressing your love for them. Tell them how much you love them and how important they are to you. Your relationship will always bloom like a flower.

Last but not the least, Trust your partner, love them with all the madness in your soul and no matter how many proposals you get, don’t let anyone take their place in your life. Take care of your relationship just like you nurture a plant or a seed.
Do let us know your secrets of successful relationship in the comment section below.



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